Gemstone Options for Your Cameo

Cameo portraits can be carved onto a wide selection of gemstones, such as Layered Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Morganite, Bloodstone, Blue Chalcedony, Amethyst, Black Onyx, Jade, Carnelian, Rock Crystal and Opal.

White on Black Colors

White on Black gives a strong contrast if polished and a soft effect if satin finished.


Two Layered Agate

The strong contrast of white on black suits this portrait cameo set in 18kt Yellow Gold.

White on Black Layered Agate

Portrait cameo of a brother and sister with a satin black background.

White on Black Cameo

A reversible Jewel with a portrait of a daughter on the front and a pet portrait on the back.

Blue Colors- Wedgewood, Navy Blue or Lapis Lazuli, and White Agate.

Fresh, modern and beautiful.


White - Blue Layered Agate

White on Blue Layered Agate


White on Wedgewood Blue Agate

Red Colors

The traditional, classic color for cameos.


White on Red Layered Agate

A classic favorite color choice. The soft effect makes this excellent for feminine portraits.

White Halo Around Portraits

Leaving a white halo around the portrait creates a sense of added depth.

White on Red

The white layer is completely removed to create a sharp contrast effect.

Pink or Violet Colors

Give a Soft, feminine, and ethereal feel.


White on Pink Layered Agate

The soft effect makes this excellent for feminine portraits.

White on Violet Layered Agate

This color is achieved by leaving a very thin white layer on the red background.

White on Violet Layered Agate

This color is achieved by leaving a very thin white layer on the red background.

Multiple Color Layers

Advanced techniques using three layers and inlay can give very striking results.


Three Layered Agate

Complex Inlay of a white area into a Brown layer. This was then bonded to a Blue Agate. Black Onyx inlay for the eyes and nose.

Three Color Layered Agates

Two and Three Layered Agates, Sardonyx, Opal, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Bloodstone, Amethyst, Jade, Black Onyx and more.

Inlay of Other Gems

A three-layer Agate carved to a Wedgewood blue color. Black onyx inlay for the eyes.

Complex Agate Inlay

A two-layer Agate carved to a white on black. Black onyx inlay for the arm.

Brown on White Agate

A reversible Jewel with a pet portrait carved into a brown and white Agate. The other side has a portrait of a daughter on the front.

Three Layer Cameo

A three-layer Agate carved to a Wedgewood blue color.

Solid Color Cameos


Carnelian Agate Portrait of an Imam


Opal Cameo of a Daughter


Lapis Lazuli Cameo Ring


Black Onyx Cameo


Antique Lapis Lazuli Cameo of Medici


Bloodstone Cameo of Jesus

Precious Opal for Carving

Opal is found around the world. White Opal with a play of color was found in Hungary, this source is now mined out. The most highly prized is Black Opal from Australia, which has a wonderful play of color. White Opal, Crystal Opal, Boulder Opal, and fossilized Opal can be carved.


Black Opal

Less intense color patterns are best for carvings.

White Opal

White Opal is very suitable for a portrait carving.

Crystal Opal

Play of color in a transparent material.
Brazilian Opal-sq1

Brazilian Opal

Brazilian Opal, is the oldest and hardest Opal in the world.

Honduras Black Opal

Opal on a Black matrix found in Basalt. Often enhanced by treatments to darken the background.

Opal for Carving


Mexican Fire Opal

Cherry Red or Orange Opal from Mexico. Some material has a play of color.

Green 'Prase' Opal

A deep vivid green color with no play of color. Found at Caernarvon in Western Australia.

White Opal

White Opal with Fern-like patterns, called Dendrites.

Peruvian Blue Opal

Sky blue Opals with no play of color from Peru, South America.

Pink 'Mookaite' Opal

Found in Peru and in Western Australia. Actually not an Opal, it is a rock known as Radiolite.

Transparent Gemstones

Amethyst Cameo of Madonna


Moonstone Antique Cameo


Quartz Antique Cameo


Prasiolite-Green Quartz

Yellow Citrine




Blue Chalcedony

Watermelon Tourmaline


Rutilated Quartz

Dinosaur Bone

Gray Agate

This Agate is very subtle as it draws color from its surroundings.


White on Gray Layered Agates

The gray background appears brown in this indoor photo.

Gray Agate Appears Blue

The gray background appears to be blue in this photo taken outdoors.

Single Color Gray Agate

Gray agate has a soft, ethereal quality as it's appearance changes with the light.

Green Colors - No Longer Available!

Distinctive, modern, and feminine.


White on Green layered Agate

I backed the green layer with a slice of White Agate. This creates a wonderful glow that brings this cameo to life.

White on Green Agate

When the back of the setting is enclosed the Green color darkens as light does not transmit through the stone.

Cameo Blanks Ready for Carving

Shows the thickness and quality of the color layers.

White on Brown - No Longer Available!

Modern and bold if polished, subtle and ethereal if satin finished.


White on Brown Agate

The setting has an open back. This lets light through to lighten the color.

Pet Portrait on Brown Agate

The solid Silver plate behind the stone darkens the brown color.

Portrait of a Daughter

Polishing the Cameo gives a strong color contrast and makes the portrait glow.
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