Gareth Eckley - Portrait Artist, Gemstone Carver, Jewelry Designer


My purpose is to create beautiful jewels that matter for people who care. My most important work is for people who have lost a loved one. I do everything that I can to make a portrait that the mother will fall in love with.

I feel that I channel the spirit of the subject into the stone. The moment when the portrait comes to life is magical and often very moving.

My customers have a love and generosity that guides them to trust me to make this special gift. I feel so honored when I am asked to help. This is my way to make a positive change in the world.

Gareth has been carving cameos with such precision and grace that they have attracted the attention of several discerning collectors..Diana Jarrett, page 267, Cameos Old and New.

Regarded as the finest portrait cameo artist in North America. Gareth is an award-winning jewelry designer, gemstone carver, family crest carver, and hand engraver.

Gareth trained in the United Kingdom with the finest old school jewelers. He is a master of traditional craft skills and techniques, that can only be learned in Europe. Gareth has 30 years of experience working at the highest level of skill and technique.

Gareth's Custom Jewelry and Gem Carving Studio Space

In September 2020 Gareth moved into a Studio in Pandosy, Kelowna. This space is perfectly designed for his creative process. There are dedicated spaces for meeting customers, designing the jewelry, carving the portrait cameo, cutting and polishing the gemstones, goldsmith's workbench, and photography studio.


Gareth Eckley Carving a Cameo

Gareth using a high-speed handpiece and Diamond tools.

Gareth's Workbench

The photo shows two cameos and one family crest design.

Portrait Reference Casts

These plaster casts are a superb aid to create accurate portraits.

Custom Jewelry Designs

Photos of my collection of custom jewelry for Lady Janice Mitchell.

A Bespoke Service - Tailored to Create Exceptional Jewelry


Insightful Design Process

I work as a design detective. I investigate the story behind the person. Detailed design renderings are shared with the client. Feedback is welcomed and together we decide on the best solution.


Expertly Hand Made

Deep work using care, precision and infinite patience. With the single aim to create an exceptional work of art. Skilled gemstone carving and goldsmithing techniques create beauty.


Emotional Impact

My art often provokes a strong reaction. Especially with sympathy cameos. Many customers wear their portrait jewel every day and consider it their most prized possession. Visit my customer reviews pages for more.


Gareth has 30 years of expertise in all facets of designing and making high jewelry. One of his jewels is valued at $300,000.


My premium service. I research your needs and design an elegant solution that will ensure an emotional attachment to the jewel.

I receive incredible feedback from my customers. There is always surprise and delight with a Portrait Cameo.

Bespoke - Confidential - Private. A personal visit can be arranged. Non Disclosure Agreements when desired.

Customer Feedback

My mother was floored! She cried in a way that I have only seen her about jewelry since my father gave her gifts when he was alive. She was so touched and I heard that she has worn it every day since we gave it to her. She apparently is just taking walks so that she can show it off.

She said it is her most valuable piece and she's a huge jewelry collector since she began working in her 20s. She has wanted this piece since my girls were born and she told me that she was even investigating who could do a cameo for her, but she said nothing she saw was even remotely close to this.

It was everything we hoped for and more. Thank you for letting us have this moment with her! Thank you again for everything and wishing you the best! We appreciate your artistic gift and are thrilled to have this amazing piece in our life...Lisa - New York

Award Winning Jewelry Designer and Gemstone Carver

Gareth David Eckley has won many accolades for my custom Jewelry design and gemstone carving. These include major national awards from prestigious national organizations.

De Beers Diamonds Today Award for jewelry design, Goldsmiths Craft Council, Craftsman of the year competition - 7 awards, The Platinum Guild Award for excellence in Platinum design and manufacture- 3 awards.

His award-winning work has been exhibited at Goldsmiths Hall, the British Design Centre, De Beers, The Victoria & Albert Museum and Olympia in London and at the Basle fair in Switzerland.

An International reputation for Excellence

Each portrait is hand-carved from your photos by Gareth. Widely regarded as the finest portrait cameo artist in North America. Gareth also designs and makes the exquisite settings for every custom jewel.

Gareth has created custom jewels for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Prime Minister of Canada, a Crown Prince from the United Arab Emirates, a United States Senator, Lady Diana Gibson-Watt, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Lady Janice Mitchell and other clients throughout the World.

A life devoted to creating beautiful jewelry

For the last 30 years Gareth has been gemstone carving, hand engraving and carving family crests in gold and stone, gold-smithing and creating custom jewelry designs. He carved his first portrait cameo in 1997.

Gareth is one of a very select group of gemstone portrait artists. Great skill, artistry and experience is needed to be able to create accurate portraits.

He is very passionate about his art and loves to travel to meet his clients whenever possible. He has been creating work for over 28 years. Some of his clients have been collecting his work for over 20 years.

Gareth feels strongly that for a cameo portrait to work he must feel that he "knows" the subject. It is very important to know the persons name and their nature so that he can enthuse the portrait carving with their spirit.

Professional Training and Expertise


Medway College of Art & Design, United Kingdom, 1980-1984. Four year Degree covering all aspects of  Jewellery, Silversmithing, Hand Engraving, Jewellery casting, Jewellery design, Wax carving, goldsmithing, and gemmology.

FGA: Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. 1979-1980.

Work Experience

1982-1984   George Lukes Engravers Ltd, London, England. Worked as a hand engraver with the top engraver in the UK at the time.

1984-1987   Christopher Wharton Designer Jewellers Ltd, London, England. Worked as a Goldsmith, engraver and Diamond setter.

1987-1991   Gareth Eckley Designer Jewellers, Wales, UK. Self employed as a Jewellery designer, Goldsmith, hand engraver, diamond setter, jewellery valuation, gem cutting, family crest carving.

1991-1993   Customgold Jewelers, Vancouver, Canada. Employed as a Goldsmith, hand engraver, diamond setter, wax carver, jewelry polisher.

1993-2019   Gareth Eckley - Portrait Cameos. Self employed as a gemstone carver, cameo artist, portrait artist, Jewelry designer, Goldsmith, hand engraver, diamond setter, jewellery valuation, gem cutting, family crest carving.

Contact Info

Contact phone number: 1 250 575-3390. Address: #202 - 474 West Avenue, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 4Z2, Canada. Time zone: PST, Same time as LA, 3 hours behind New York.

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