Personalize Your Cameo

Add Personal Touches to delight your family

I love to add a surprise on the cameo setting to delight the recipient. Is there is an important passion, hobby, a significant event in the life of the ‘loved-one’ or family that can be added to the Jewel.

Gold Accents Sure to Delight


Cameo Portrait of a Beautiful Daughter

18kt Gold Butterfly pinned onto platinum Necklace

18kt Gold Butterfly pinned onto a Platinum Necklace


Gold Cross and Twinned Hearts Accent on a Locket


Locket with Secret Portrait Cameo

Consider an accent from Gold. Yellow Gold is perfect with Silver settings. White Gold or red Gold works with yellow Gold settings.  You can see how good this looks with the gold butterfly on a Platinum setting and the Gold Cross and twinned hearts on the silver locket.

Hand Engraved Drawings, Inscriptions, Psalms and Designs


Child’s Drawing of Mom Holding her Hand


Daughters Drawing Engraved on the Cameo Setting


Kid’s Drawing of Her Family Engraved on Setting


The Daughter’s Drawing of Her Family

I have engraved drawings made by children, a book for a woman who loved to read, footprints of a newborn baby, dragonflies, musical notes for a singer, paintbrushes for an artist, flowers, Chinese dragons and paw-prints for a pet portrait.


Kid’s Drawing of her Mom and Herself engraved on the setting


Gareth’s Signature Engraved Inside the Bezel


Daughters name in Chinese and an Inscription in Gaelic


Hand Engraved Scrolls on Cameo Setting

I can engrave names, quotes, inscriptions, psalms, etc in any language including Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Tree of Life Engraved on Silver Locket

The ‘Tree of Life’ Hand Engraved on the Silver and Gold Locket


Child’s Sketch with Engraved Personal Message

The ‘Tree of Life’ is engraved on the Silver locket to reflect the families Mormon faith.


Custom Locket Engraved Monogram


Hand Engraved Poem on the Locket Back


Engraved Signatures on Maple leaf necklace


Engraved Personal Message and Chinese Character

Other religious symbols, Mandalas, Totems or designs can be engraved.

Gemstone and Pearl Accents


Custom Made Cameo Pendant with Pearls

My Cameo for the Queen with Natural Pearls

My Cameo for the Queen with Natural Pearls

Gemstone and Pearl accents can really enhance your portrait jewel. Pearls can be white, pink or black and perfectly match the special quality of cameo portraits.


Gold Celtic-Knot Cameo Necklace with Amethyst


Engraved Monogram on Diamond and Gold Cameo Locket

I can also add Diamond accents or Gemstones. Birthstones that match the birth month of the wearer or the subject of the cameo work very well.

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