Portrait Cameo Necklace of Two Grandchildren

The Cameo has just arrived. It is beyond what we expected !!! We gave the cameo to my mother… She was floored ! She cried and was so touched that she has worn it every day since.

My mother has wanted this exact gift since her grandchildren were born. This was everything we hoped for and more. Thank you for letting us have this moment with her !…-by Lisa, New York

Custom Cameo necklace with a hand carved gemstone cameo. A gift for Grandma from her daughter. The portrait is of her two grand-children. The portrait jewel setting is made from 18kt white gold with a hand engraved personal message on the cameo necklace. Read more about this special project Cameo necklace for Grandma with portraits of her grand-children

Customized Portrait Cameo Jewel of a two year old Girl

Have you ever had that moment when you give someone a gift and you can see that they are delighted beyond words ? I did on Christmas morning, thank you !

Not only does she love the cameo, and the picture I chose, but she’s especially delighted with Seren’s name on the side, and loves the picture on the back. Thank you for suggesting that….Richard, England, UK.

My wife has worn her cameo every time that she has gone out. As lovely as the cameo is in the box it looks a thousand times more beautiful when my wife wears it. Thank you again for creating something so delightful…Richard, England, UK.

Two Cameos in One – A Daughter and her Dog

A very special two sided cameo pendant in 18kt yellow gold set with a Diamond. The front has a cameo portrait of the daughter.  The back of the cameo has a gemstone cameo of her much loved pet dog.

Sympathy Cameo of a Grandmother

I carved this gemstone portrait cameo from a 1940’s photograph from when June was young. This gift was to honor and cherish the memory of a recently departed Grandmother. Read more Cameo necklace of Nan.

I can report complete satisfaction with the Cameo and extremely happy with the result.  A quality product from a craftsman, Thank you…” by Bill, Doha, Qatar.

Custom Gemstone Cameo of an ‘Imam’

A very unusual cameo of a much loved ‘Imam’. I was asked to carve this portrait on a red Carnelian gemstone. I could not use Gold or Silver to display the cameo. The solution was  to drill a small hole in the gem and suspend the cameo on a leather cord.

Gemstone Pet Portrait Cameo in White Gold and Diamond

Portrait Cameos come to life with movement.  They look so good when worn. Each movement of the wearer changes the quality of light reflected from the carving. This effect is captivating. The addition of Diamond or gemstone accents enhances this.