A beautiful 'One of a Kind' gift, a gemstone portrait to wear close to her heart.

The highly personalized portrait cameos from Gareth accurately and lovingly capture a moment in time of a beloved family member…Diana Jarrett, Author of ‘Cameos Old and New, 4th Edition.’

Show your love with your portrait of a loved one’.  A wonderful keepsake for your family to treasure.  Modern portrait cameos hand carved in Gemstone. Displayed in exquisite custom designed Gold, Platinum or Silver jewelry. 

When I design jewelry I think about how the customer will feel when they wear their jewel. I want to create love and attachment for their special gift.  A cameo portrait carved in the image of someone you love is so personal and unexpected.

The recipient is often ‘lost for words’ when they first see their portrait cameo. I often hear of tears of joy and being emotionally moved. There is often a moving personal story behind each commission.

Christmas Gift for his Wife - A Portrait Jewel of their Daughter


Have you ever had that moment when you give someone a gift and you can see that they are delighted beyond words ? I did on Christmas morning, thank you ! My wife has worn her cameo every time that she has gone out.

Not only does she love the cameo, and the picture I chose, but she’s especially delighted with Seren’s name on the side, and loves the picture on the back. Thank you for suggesting that.

 As lovely as the cameo looks in the box it looks a thousand times more beautiful when my wife wears it. Thank you again for creating something so delightful…Richard, England, UK.

Your Personal Portrait -The Most Precious Sympathy Gift

Exclusive, beautiful and very rare. Perfect for when only the best is deserved. Most of my Sympathy Jewelry is not shown on my website to protect  privacy. The examples that I show are by permission.

I have two styles, which suit different situations.  For privacy select a locket with a hidden cameo. Open to reveal your ‘private cameo’ when you choose.

When she wants to display her portrait to all you can have a cameo pendant or a cameo brooch pin. Explore more at Sympathy Jewels

Gareth has created Custom Jewelry Art for Customers Worldwide

Regarded as the finest Portrait Cameo Artist in North America. Gareth has been carving cameos with such precision and grace that they have attracted the attention of several discerning collectors including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II...Diana Jarrett, Author of  ‘Cameos Old and New, 4th Edition.’


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Pocahontas Cameo Brooch.

Crown Prince from the United Arab Emirates, Cameo of an Imam

Canada’s 150th Celebration, Maple Leaf Necklace

Lady Diana Gibson-Watt, Lady J. Evans-Bevan, Lady Janice Mitchell,United Kingdom, Custom Jewelry

Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir James Fox, movie and stage Actors.

Peter Armstrong, Garde Gardom, Vicky Gabareau, Canada

Royalty would give gemstone Portrait Cameos to their favorite subjects as a sign of high status. Many of these Cameos are now in Museums or private collections. I feel so blessed that my Pocahontas Cameo has been honored in this way by being added to the Queen’s private collection at Buckingham Place, London.

Share the story of your ‘loved -one’ and upload your photos. Gareth will book a design interview to discover your wishes and then provide a free estimate for your personal jewel.