A Beautiful 'one of a kind' Gift, a Gemstone Portrait Carved from your Photos

Show your love with your portrait of a loved one’ hand carved in Gemstone from your photos.  A jewel so unique and precious that your gift will be cherished for a lifetime.

Having the mother fall in love with my portrait of her child means everything to me. I often hear, from the family, of tears of joy and being emotionally moved. A cameo portrait carved in the image of someone you love is so unexpected and remarkable.

I work with my hands, mind and heart, to create your portrait.  I think about how the customer will feel when they wear their portrait jewel. My goal is to create love and attachment for their special gift.

Your portrait is displayed in exquisite custom designed Gold, Platinum or Silver jewelry as a bespoke, cameo necklace, cameo pendant or cameo brooch pin.


A Life Story Jewel to Honor and Cherish your 'Loved One'

We gave the cameo to my mom last Wednesday and she is still speechless. When she first opened the box she took a huge breath and began to cry. My father asked her what the gift and she tried to tell him but was overwhelmed with emotions. Your cameo of our beloved grandfather ‘Papi Viejo’ has made us all so happy…R.C, New York

Remember your loved-one with a portrait in gemstone, hand made to show her spirit.  Exclusive, beautiful and very rare. When only the most personal and precious sympathy gift will do.

Gareth my wife has worn her cameo every day, she feels that our daughter is still with her. We will treasure our story jewel always…A.C

For privacy select a locket with a secret cameo. The portrait can be worn over her heart all day. This can be opened to reveal her ‘private cameo’ when desired.

When the wearer wants to display her portrait to all you can have a cameo pendant or a cameo brooch pin. Personal messages are engraved to create a life story jewel.

Most of my Memorial Jewelry is not shown on my website to protect the privacy of the family. The examples that I show are with the blessing of their owners.

A Portrait Jewel of their Daughter for Christmas


Have you ever had that moment when you give someone a gift and you can see that they are delighted beyond words ? I did on Christmas morning, thank you ! My wife has worn her cameo every time that she has gone out.

Not only does she love the cameo, and the picture I chose, but she’s especially delighted with Seren’s name on the side, and loves the picture on the back. Thank you for suggesting that.

 As lovely as the cameo looks in the box it looks a thousand times more beautiful when my wife wears it. Thank you again for creating something so delightful…Richard, England, UK.

Famous Patrons of Gareth

Regarded as the finest Portrait Cameo Artist in North America. Gareth has been carving cameos with such precision and grace that they have attracted the attention of several discerning collectors including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II...Diana Jarrett, Author of  ‘Cameos Old and New, 4th Edition.’


Royalty would give gemstone Portrait Cameos to their favorite subjects as a sign of high status. Many of these Cameos are now in Museums or private collections. I feel so blessed that my Cameo of Pocahontas has been honored in this way by being added to the Queen’s private collection at Buckingham Place, London.

Gareth has also created custom jewelry for a Crown Prince, an Art Deco Necklace for Lady Diana Gibson-Watt, UK and his Maple Leaf pendant in Ammolite is an official gift for the 150th Anniversary of Canada.

How to Order Your Personal Cameo Portrait Jewel

Cameos can be carved into Shell or Gemstone. Gemstone cameos are harder, last for thousands of years and are considered superior to shell. Almost all Museum cameos are carved into gemstone. The highest quality carvings in shell or stone take patience and time.

Look for the quality of detail and finish. As a guide a custom cameo should cost from $1000 – $3000. If a cameo is only a few hundred dollars the carver has cut corners, rushed the work, carved crude details, created a poor finish and not achieved a good likeness.

The typical finished cameo jewels shown here are from $2000 – $7500 USD. I can add Diamond and gemstone content along with spectacular designs for those that want the very best and can afford it. I have created jewellery at up to $25000 for very discerning clients. Some of these I do not show online to protect confidentiality.


I use my skills as an award winning Jewelry designer to create the very best design for you. Your portrait photos inspire my creativity. I look for your feedback and together we will design the perfect gift.

I will suggest the best color choices and gemstone options from your photos and from learning the style and personality of the wearer. Engraved drawings, messages and other personal touches make your jewel even more special and unique.

I will give an estimate after preparing your design. I will try to work within your budget if possible. Settings of Gold are priced higher than Silver and larger cameo stones take more time to carve than smaller sizes. Custom pieces with larger Diamonds, Pearls and Gems can be higher. Payment is usually deposit with order, balance on completion. Delivery is typically within 6–8 weeks.

Your portrait is hand carved with Diamond carving tools by Gareth. This process can take 5-10 days. The settings are also crafted by hand with an exquisite eye to detail.

Your finished jewel is beautifully presented in a satin pouch within a luxury wooden box. This is wrapped with satin ribbon with a sealing wax stamp for an extra touch of luxury.

Customer Review

Thomas-Cameo-photo★★★★★ Gemstone Portrait Necklace of a young daughter

What started as a vague idea after watching Antiques Roadshow on tv one Sunday night, turned out to be one of the best gift ideas I’ve ever had. I found portraitcameos.com with a Google search, and after that, it was easy.

After an initial discussion with Gareth about what I had in mind, and a few excellent suggestions from him for things we could do to enhance the piece, I decided to go ahead. I am very glad I did so !

My wife loves her cameo, and wears it at every given opportunity. It’s mostly because she loves the piece, but also because of the large number of comments it attracts. I think cameos are seen these days as an old fashioned style of jewelry, but as our piece has shown, they can look very modern and up to date. This is something people regularly say to her after, “Gosh, what a gorgeous necklace”

The other beauty of this piece is that it is now a family heirloom that I’m sure my daughter will enjoy wearing in the future as much as my wife enjoys wearing it now.

Thank you very much Gareth for creating such a beautiful piece of jewelry that is totally unique and very personal to our family.

A Maple Leaf Necklace to Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada.

Ammolite-maple-leaf-pendantGareth was asked to create a special gift to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada. Two Maple leaf necklaces were created. One was presented to a private donor and the other to the wife of a very prominent Canadian.

Gareth selected the iconic Maple leaf for the design. He sculpted the leaf to appear naturally as if it had just fallen off a tree. Ammolite was the perfect choice as the colours reflect an Autumn leaf.

Ammolite is an opal like, organic gemstone that is actually the fossilized shells of the disk-shaped sea creature known as the Ammonite.

These creatures lived in the shallow sea that covered Alberta around 75 million years ago. Gem quality material is mainly found within Canada.

Order your Maple Leaf Necklace in Canadian Ammolite set with a Pearl or Gemstone in Silver or Gold