The highly personalized portrait cameos from Gareth accurately and lovingly capture a moment in time of a beloved family member…Diana Jarret.

Imagine - Your loved ones Spirit captured in a Gemstone Cameo Portrait

Show your love with your portrait of a loved one’. A beautiful ‘One of a Kind’ gift to wear close to her heart. A wonderful keepsake for your family to treasure. 

Modern portrait cameos hand carved in Gemstone. Displayed in exquisite custom designed Gold, Platinum or Silver jewelry. 

The recipient is often ‘lost for words’ when they first see their portrait cameo. There is often a moving personal story behind each commission.

Sympathy Portrait Cameo Jewelry

Exclusive, beautiful and very rare. The most precious of all sympathy gifts. I have two styles, which suit different situations. Explore more at Sympathy Jewelry

For privacy select a locket with a hidden cameo. Open to reveal your ‘private cameo’ when you choose.

When she wants to display her portrait to all you can have a cameo pendant or a cameo brooch pin.


It’s unbelievable how you can allow us to carry our beloved ‘Papi Viejo’ with us to every special event. Seeing him on my moms favorite sweater or suit jacket makes us feel as if he is present. Thank you !! ..R.C, New York

Two Cameos in One - A Portrait of a Daughter and her Dog

A very special two sided cameo pendant in 18kt yellow gold and 18kt white gold set with a Diamond.

My customer requested a very special gift for his wife. The front has a custom cameo portrait of the daughter in white on black layered Agate.

The back of the custom jewel has a pet portrait cameo in brown on white layered Agate of ‘Sheba’ the Daughter’s much loved pet dog.

An International Reputation for Excellence in Portrait Art

Gareth has created Cameo Portrait and Jewelry Art for:

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Pocahontas Cameo now in Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Family of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Prime minister of Canada – Stephen Harper

Lady Gibson-Watt, United Kingdom

Lady Janice Mitchell, United Kingdom

Her Majesty Queen-Elizabeth-II-Custom Cameo of Pocahontas

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is given my Cameo of Pocahontas

Regarded as the finest Portrait Cameo Artist in North America. Gareth has been carving cameos with such precision and grace that they have attracted the attention of several discerning collectors including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II...Diana Jarrett, Author of  ‘Cameos Old and New.’