A Portrait Jewel in Gemstone, a Beautiful Gift to Show Your Love


Portrait Jewel with a Gemstone Cameo of a Beautiful Daughter


Dual Purpose Cameo Necklace or Brooch Pin in 18kt White Gold

Imagine, a custom-made cameo with a portrait of your loved one’ hand carved in Gemstone from your photos.

So beautiful, unique and precious, truly a ‘one of a kind’ gift, destined to be cherished for generations to come.

Display your cameo, over your heart, as a necklace, pendant or brooch pin in exquisite custom designed jewelry.

Regarded as the finest Portrait Cameo Artist in North America. Gareth has been carving cameos with such precision and grace that they have attracted the attention of several discerning collectors including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II…Diana Jarrett, Author of the book ‘Cameos Old and New.’

How to Order


Send Your Portrait Photo


Select the Cameo Gemstone


Present Your Beautiful Gift

I custom design my Portrait Jewels for every customer. I find that the portrait photos inspire the design and choice of gemstone. When I talk with the customer I will often discover ways to add a personal accent or detail that will delight the recipient.

Upload your best portrait photos and share the story of your ‘loved-one’. Their story inspires my design. Visit How to Order for more info.

 How I make Your Portrait Cameo ‘True to Life’


Gemstone Cameo Portrait Jewel

Portrait Photo for Cameo

Portrait Photo for Cameo

The proportions of the face change as we age, from a baby, through childhood, young adults and older. I have studied Portraiture and anatomy for years and I use this to inform my portrait carving. I carefully study your portrait photos to achieve the likeness.

I do like to have more than one photo as they can help me tease out the details of the profile. I have worked from a painting , drawing or a very old photo, when needed.  You can read more on my portrait page

Add Personal Touches to delight your family.


Cameo Portrait of a Beautiful Daughter

18kt Gold Butterfly pinned onto platinum Necklace

18kt Gold Butterfly pinned on the Platinum Necklace

I love to add a meaningful surprise on the cameo setting to delight the recipient. I ask questions during the design chat to find an important passion, hobby or perhaps a significant event in the life of the ‘loved-one’ or family. See more personalized jewelry examples.


Child’s Drawing of Mom holding her Hand


Daughters Drawing Engraved on the Cameo Setting

I can make an accent from Gold and pin this to the back of Silver settings. You can see how good this looks with the gold butterfly on a Platinum setting and the engraved drawing made by a child.

 Gemstone and Pearl Accents


Custom Made Cameo Pendant with Pearls

My Cameo for the Queen with Natural Pearls

My Cameo for the Queen with Natural Pearls

Gemstone and Pearl accents can really enhance your portrait jewel. Pearls can be White, Pink or Black and perfectly match the special quality of cameo portraits. I can also add Diamond accents or Gemstones. Birthstones that match the birth month of the wearer or the subject of the cameo work so well.

 Customer Review

★★★★★ Cameo Necklace With Portrait of a Wife

I had tears in my eyes as she opened the package containing the cameo on Christmas Morning, 2017. She was shocked and speechless for several minutes, and finally said, “I didn’t know you could still get these!” She absolutely loves it and wears it proudly. When people notice that she is the subject of the cameo, it opens up a whole new opportunity for her to talk about it.

I found Gareth through an internet search, and I’m glad I did! From the beginning, he was very easy to work with and made suggestions to help me get a piece of jewelry she would really like. Once decided, he sent periodic photos to see the progress being made. I kept all the progress photos and showed my wife later, she was fascinated with the process.

Gareth is indeed an artist, and I appreciate his work and attention to detail. He has created a family heirloom and I recommend him highly! …Ken, G. California

A Life Story Jewel to Honor and Cherish your ‘Loved One’


Sepia Portrait Photo of a Mother


Portrait of the Mother in a White on Brown Gemstone Cameo

When I was given your cameo, I immediately recognized my mother and burst into tears…What a beautiful Cameo ! It took me around 30 minutes to be able to talk again and I could only manage to say that she was beautiful and now she will be with me forever. Thank you for carving not only a beautiful portrait but also the feeling behind the picture. I will be forever grateful…- by Paloma

Remember your loved-one with a portrait in gemstone, hand made to show her spirit.  Exclusive, beautiful and very rare. When only the most personal and precious sympathy gift will do.

Personal messages are engraved to create a life story jewel. If you want to display her portrait to all you can have a necklace or brooch pin.

My Cameo for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth


Pocahontas Cameo Brooch Pin


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is Presented with the Pocahontas Cameo Brooch

Gareth’s Pocahontas Cameo is an exquisite tribute to the 16th Century original that was presented to Pocahontas by King James I and Queen Anne in 1616. His brooch has earned it’s place as an important historical cameo....Diana Jarrett, Author of ‘Cameos Old and New.’

Royalty would give gemstone Portrait Cameos to their favorite subjects as a sign of high status. Many of these Cameos are now in Museums or private collections. I feel so blessed that my Cameo of Pocahontas has been honored in this way by being added to the Queen’s private collection at Buckingham Place, London.

Gareth has also created custom jewelry for a Crown Prince, an Art Deco Necklace for Lady Diana Gibson-Watt, UK and his Maple Leaf pendant in Ammolite was an official gift for the wife of the Prime Minister of Canada.

Lockets with a ‘Secret Cameo’


Custom Locket with a Secret Portrait Cameo

When you desire privacy, select a locket with a secret cameo. The portrait can be worn over her heart all day. The locket can be opened to show your ‘private cameo’ when desired.

Gareth my wife has worn her cameo every day, she feels that our daughter is still with her. We will treasure our story jewel always…A.C

Most of my Sympathy Jewelry is not shown on my website to protect the privacy of the family. The examples that I show are with the blessing of their owners.

See more examples on my Cameo Lockets page.

Gemstone Cameos for Men, Pet Portrait Cameos, Unset Cameo Portraits

More choices for your portrait cameo. Cameos for men include signet rings, desktop cameos and portrait jewels. Have a cameo necklace made with a portrait of your beloved pet. I can also provide an unset cameo stone or I can carve a cameo onto your gemstone.


Custom Cameo Rings


Sympathy Cameo Ring in Gold

A beautiful Portrait Cameo Ring. The cameo is carved in a white on blue layered Agate. The Gold Ring was a gift to a mother, carved with the image of one of her daughters. Presented in a handmade Ebony and Maple wood ring box.

We presented it to our mum and she cried and cried. My mum loved the ring and the kids were so happy seeing their mum on their Nanas finger. thank you so much…Michelle, New Zealand

Cameo ring stones can be the same layered Agate gems that I use for pendants and brooches or beautiful cameos can be carved into faceted gemstones such as Aquamarine, Amethyst, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli and even Precious Opal.

Find out more on my Cameo Rings and Cameo Earrings page.

Gareth David Eckley – Cameo Portrait Artist

I work with my hands and my heart, to create your Jewel. I have devoted 20 years to learning the skill of portraiture and gemstone carving. I love that magical moment when the portrait comes to life.

I strive to create a portrait that will show the person at a spiritual and emotional level. My goal is to make the mother fall in love with my portrait cameo of her child…Gareth David Eckley


Your Family Deserves the Very Best for their ‘Gift of a Lifetime’

Ready to get a portrait jewel for your ‘loved-one’ ? Upload your photos and share your story.