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At this time your health, family, and friends must be your priority. I am staying open. I will remain in my studio unless my family is affected. This virus will have a financial impact on many people. To recognize this, I will offer a special 15% discount. This will apply until April 30th. I may extend this if the crisis continues.


Portrait Cameo Jewelry

Capture a moment in time with a gemstone cameo.

Your 'loved ones' portrait set in a precious jewel.

A beautiful gift, to wear every day, over her heart.

Art that Matters for People who Care


Portrait Photograph

Photo of the 2 year old daughter for the cameo.

Engraved Personal Inscription

A personal message that has meaning and impact for the mother.

Suprise Feature - A Gold Butterfly

Her daughter loves butterflies, so I made one from 18kt Gold to delight the mother.

A Beautiful Gift

A handmade Satin presentation pouch, and a luxury wooden box for your gift.

I am sure that my daughter will be fascinated by our cameo, and will love it when it becomes hers.

We couldn’t wait to show Ellie Marie who immediately recognized herself.

This is so special and totally unique. Thank you so much...Indy, London, UK

Sympathy Cameo Jewelry

Sympathy cameos are my most important jewels.

I have lockets that open to reveal a secret cameo.

Cameo pendants, brooch pins and cameo rings.

When I saw the piece, I immediately recognized my mother and burst into tears...what a beautiful cameo!

It took me around 30 minutes to be able to talk again and I only could manage to say:

She was beautiful and now she will be with me forever...Paloma, Mexico

Some of my customer's stories involve illness, cancer or even tragic accidents. I am so aware that I am talking to people in a pain that I can not even begin to imagine.

A beautiful custom-made cameo with a gemstone portrait to honor their memory is such a meaningful gift. I do not identify which of my cameos involve a loss, out of respect.

Support for Grieving Parents

bookMy sympathy work has inspired me to donate 3% of all sales to Charities that support parents dealing with the loss of a child.

An excellent charity is Grieving Parents , founded by Nathalie Himmelrich. Her books are an excellent resource, as is her website.

If you are looking for a local support group, a search on Grief Share will show results for your area.

They also offer support and can help you find a grief counsellor in your area.

You do not have to deal with this by yourself, there is help out there.

Guide to Sympathy Etiquette

Advice on customs for many faiths and cultures. Share this with friends and family.

A Faith and Story Jewel Locket of a Much Loved Grandmother

This suite of jewelry shows the result, when I am given a serious budget and trusted to complete my design process. The jewel and the matching earrings went far beyond my customers initial proposal.


Gold Locket with Pink Pearl & White Gold Cross


Opens to Reveal Secret Cameo-Tanzanites & White gold


Lotus Flower Earrings to Match the Cameo Locket

Lockets with Secret Cameos

The perfect design for a sympathy gift. Carry the portrait of your loved one next to your heart every day. Your locket can be opened to reveal the secret cameo.


Platinum, Pink Conch Pearl Locket with Engraved Design


Locket opens to reveal the Cameo and the Lamb of God


Gray Agate Cameo Portrait of Her Daughter

Hello Gareth, The locket arrived this evening - absolutely beautiful!  My wife loves it!  Thank you! Regards, Staton

Gift Ideas for Your Portrait Cameo

Celebrate a New Baby

A cameo portrait of a mother and her newborn baby.

Wedding Jewelry

For the fiancee, bride, mother or grandparent to celebrate a wedding or engagement.

Anniversary Gifts

Give your wife a jewel with a portrait of your children, or her parents.

Birthday Gifts

A portrait cameo of grandma for his mother's 80th birthday.

Christmas Gifts

A portrait of his wife. A gemstone cameo with pearls in white gold.

A Selection of my V.I.P Clients

Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty is presented with my Cameo of Pocahontas by the State of Virginia.

Prime-minister of Canada

Prime-minister Stephen Harper received my Maple leaf in Ammolite to mark Canada's 150th year.

The Royal Family - U.A.E

A gift from a Crown Prince from the Kingdom of the United Arab Emirates to his Royal Family.

Lady Diana Gibson-Watt

A collection of High Jewelry made over many years for Lady Diana Gibson-Watt.

Sir Anthony Hopkins

A photograph from the movie Zorro. The details are kept secret by request.

Lady J. Mitchell

Set with a 1ct PInk Diamond, this carved gemstone jewel is valued at $300,000.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Receives My Cameo

Queen Elizabeth examines my Cameo Brooch

Presented to Her Majesty, by descendants of Pocahontas to honor her royal visit to Virginia, United States in 2007.

Pocahontas Cameo brooch

The portrait is carved into Gray Agate. Encircled with freshwater pearls from the Mississippi and set in Platinum. Now in the Royal collection in London.

Gareth Eckley has been carving cameos with such precision and grace that he has attracted the attention of a discerning worldwide clientele.

His Pocahontas cameo is an exquisite tribute to the original cameo that was presented to the Indian princess by King James I and Queen Anne in 1616.

The brooch has earned its place as an important historical cameo...Diana Jarrett, Cameos Old & New - 4th Edition.

How to Order

Features and Gemstone Options

Browse the site to see our necklaces, pendants, brooch pins and rings. Check our gemstone color guide and examples of personal features.

Custom Orders - Send Your Inquiry

Upload your photos and tell your story. I will connect to research your needs. Bespoke designs for your jewel are shared for approval.

Place your Order

When the design proposal and quote is approved send your payment. Your order status is then secure. Expect delivery in 6 - 8 weeks.

Gareth Eckley


My purpose is to create beautiful jewels that matter for people who care. I do everything that I can to make a portrait that the mother will fall in love with.

I feel that I channel the spirit of the subject into the stone. The moment when my carving 'comes to life' is magical and often very moving.

My customers have a love and generosity that guides them to trust me to make this special gift.

I feel so honoured when I am asked to help. This is my way to make a positive change in the world.

Regarded as the finest portrait cameo artist in North America. Gareth is an award winning jewelry designer, gemstone carver, family crest carver and hand engraver.

Gareth trained in the United Kingdom with the finest old school jewelers. He is a master of traditional craft skills and techniques, that  can only be learned in Europe. Gareth has 30 years of experience working at the highest level of skill and technique.

Portrait Cameo Rings

A cameo ring carved with your portrait or design. Choose from Layered Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Black Onyx, Amethyst and other gemstones. Settings can be made from yellow, white, rose Gold or Platinum.



Lapis Lazuli Cameo Ring

Blue Agate Cameo of a Boy


Black Onyx Cameo of George Washington

Cameo Ring of the Tarot - Joker


Blue Agate Cameo Ring in Gold

Selections from Our Portfolio

Earrings to Match Your Cameo Jewel

Custom made earrings designed to match your cameo jewel. Pearls match cameos very well. Diamond and gemstones can also be added.

Precious Opal Cameo Jewelry

Precious Opal is a beautiful and precious choice for a gemstone carving. Read my guide on Opal.

Lockets with Gemstone Cameo Portrait

A gift to his fiancee when he proposed. With his grandmothers' diamonds. Hand engraved Monogram using her initials. Opens to reveal a secret cameo with a portrait of the couple.

Feedback from my Clients

These reviews are shown with the blessing of their owners.

Cameos for Men

Cameo Rings, Cameo Cufflinks, Boutonniere Pins, Bolo Ties, Tie pins, Desktop Cameos.

Custom Designed Fine Jewelry

A cocktail ring by Gareth Eckley with a large Crystal Opal from Australia. Set in an 18kt gold ring designed to echo the ocean.

Gemstone Color Options

Blue Agate Cameo

Blue-Black Agate Cameo

Wedgewood Blue Cameo

White on Pink-Red Cameo


White on Red Cameo

Brown Agate Cameo

Pink or Violet Cameo

Black Agate Cameo

Green Agate Cameo

Three Layer Agate Cameo

Gareth had an uncanny ability to read my mind and more importantly, he asked many questions to uncover precisely how to make my wife's gift have extra meaning for her...Richard, Australia.

How to Select the best Portrait Photos.

My Process for Creating your Portrait Cameo.

Custom Made Just for You.

The Emotional Impact of a Portrait Cameo.

Anniversary Gift for his Wife

The cameo arrived today. My wife was overjoyed. Thank you for creating the best gift that she could ever imagine.

I had involved my 3-year-old daughter in the process along the way: showing her your website, proposal, and progress photos.

My daughter was excited to see the finished piece but managed to keep the surprise.

Even better, she was delighted to see her mothers response when she opened the gift.

Thanks again for creating such a lovely work of art. - by J. S. Chicago

With this cameo, I was able to really create a very special family heirloom. I was asked to create a Portrait Cameo jewel as an Anniversary gift. My customer was very involved with the project. The result was one of my most favorite cameos.

The portrait was carved into a white on blue layered agate. We set the cameo inside a dual purpose pendant & Brooch frame made of 18kt White Gold.

The Process of Creating this Special Gift

personalized-Cameo-Book-Entry-3-2The father sent me 10 photos of his daughter. The portrait photo we selected as has a relaxed smile, her eyes are looking up which gives a positive feel and there is a great balance between the hair, face, and clothing. The three-quarter view works very well in an oval-shaped cameo carving.

I love to add a surprise to my Jewelry to make the gift extra special. With this cameo, I suggested engraving an image on the back of the setting. The father asked his daughter to draw a picture. I hand engraved her drawing onto the white gold cameo back.

The side of the frame was hand engraved with a personal message from the daughter to her mother. This read "You are in my heart and I am in your heart too. I love you mother."

The Story of this Cameo is in the Book Cameos Old and New

One of the cameos that carver Gareth David Eckley is most proud of is the result of a commission he received from a Chicago couple.

Using a photograph as a guide, he hand-carved a likeness in blue agate gemstone of their young daughter.

Highly personalized cameos like this one accurately and lovingly, capture a moment in time of a beloved family member.

Diana Jarrett, Author of ' Cameos Old and New - 4th Edition,' 2008. Pages: 350-353

Custom Portrait Cameo of Her Daughter

A Christmas gift from a husband to his wife. Hand carved onto a white on green Agate, set in Silver. I engraved a drawing made by the daughter of her family and a personal message on the setting.

Customer Review

What started as a vague idea after watching Antiques Roadshow on tv one Sunday night, turned out to be one of the best gift ideas I've ever had. I found with a Google search, and after that, it was easy.

After a discussion with Gareth about what I had in mind, and a few excellent suggestions from him for things we could do to enhance the piece, I decided to go ahead. I am very glad I did so !

My wife loves her cameo, and wears it at every given opportunity. It's mostly because she loves the piece, but also because of the large number of comments it attracts. I think cameos are seen these days as an old fashioned style of jewelry, but as our piece has shown, they can look very modern and up to date. This is something people regularly say to her after, "Gosh, what a gorgeous necklace".

The other beauty of this piece is that it is now a family heirloom that I'm sure my daughter will enjoy wearing in the future as much as my wife enjoys wearing it now.

Thank you very much Gareth for creating such a beautiful piece of jewelry that is totally unique and very personal to our family.

Have you ever had that moment when you give someone a gift and you can see that they are delighted beyond words ? I did on Christmas morningthank you ! My wife has worn her cameo every time that she has gone out.
Not only does she love the cameo, and the picture I chose, but she's especially delighted with Seren's name on the side, and loves the picture on the back. Thank you for suggesting that.

As lovely as the cameo looks in the box it looks a thousand times more beautiful when my wife wears it. Thank you again for creating something so delightful...Richard, England, UK.

Creating Art That Matters For People Who Care

Pet Portrait Jewelry

A cameo jewel is a wonderful way to cherish your much-loved family pet dog or cat.

Black Onyx inlay makes the eyes and nose come alive.

Personalize with a gold bone, pawprint or an inscription.

My husband and I were overcome with joy when we received the beautiful cameo of our darling Maltese Dog 'Bo'.

Gareth, you captured Bo's alert and impish aspect utterly. When I wear the cameo, everyone comments on what a stunning piece it is.

We greatly appreciate the workmanship and expertise that went into your creation. What a wonderful heirloom we have...Betsy, California.

Information Guides & Page Links

Info guides written to help you discover all the options available to you. Help to select the gemstone for your cameo, choose the best photograph, design options for the setting and more.

Gemstone Color Options

Guide to all of the options that you have for your cameo jewel. Layered Agates, Single colors and transparent gemstones.

Lapis Lazuli Guide

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful stone for jewelry. Gem quality Lapis has an intense ultramarine blue that is captivating.

Personalize Your Jewel

Gold accents with a personal charm. Hand engraved drawings, inscriptions, and personal messages.

Portrait Photo Guide

Send me your best photos. The ones that really show the personality and character of your 'loved one'

Bespoke Jewelry Design

To design the perfect jewel for you I first discover your needs in our design interview. Design sketches are shared and feedback welcomed.

Bio for Gareth Eckley

More about Gareth Eckley. The jeweler, gemstone portrait artist, and designer.

V.I.P Service

Private and confidential service for famous people who require secrecy. NDA's may be needed, personal visits can be arranged.

My Cameo for Queen Elizabeth

Made by Gareth Eckley and presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Buyers Guide to Cameos

Info on modern and Antique Cameos in gemstone, shell and other materials.

Commesso Cameos

Guide to these Cameo, enamel, diamond and gemstone jewels.

Shell or Hardstone Cameos

A guide that compares cameos carved into gemstone versus cameos carved into shell.

Antique Cameos

A selection of some of the finest Antique Cameos from history.

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