Bespoke, High Jewelry with Luxury Design

This is where the magic really happens. I am free to design Jewelry with no compromises. Every element is unique. Portraits carved into expensive gemstones, diamond accents, matching suites of jewelry. Portraits of the whole family. Handmade necklace chains, with jeweled clasps. Your investment allows me to make museum-quality jewelry. I may travel to meet you anywhere in the world if required - a fee applies.

Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty is presented with my Cameo of Pocahontas by the State of Virginia.

Prime-minister of Canada

Prime-minister Stephen Harper received my Maple leaf in Ammolite to mark Canada's 150th year.

The Royal Family - U.A.E

A gift from a Crown Prince from the Kingdom of the United Arab Emirates to his Royal Family.

Lady Diana Gibson-Watt

A collection of High Jewelry made over many years for Lady Diana Gibson-Watt.

Sir Anthony Hopkins

A photograph from the movie Zorro. The details are kept secret by request.

Lady J. Mitchell

Set with a 1ct PInk Diamond, this carved gemstone jewel is valued at $300,000.

My VIP Service

I have worked with many clients who have a high public profile. Confidentiality is very important. I will not reveal private information. I do need to have a contact phone number and email that goes directly to yourself. A personal phone number is best. You may have a second phone number that I can use. Do give me the contact info for your personal assistant.

When I worked with my American benefactor on the secret project in 2007 to create the Pocahontas Cameo for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I realized that these orders have special requirements.

With that order, I signed an NDA before details of the project were revealed. I then visited Virginia to meet with the benefactor, the Jamestown Settlement Museum, and had discussions with State officials and the Senator.

I have continued to keep the identity of the benefactor and certain other involved individuals secret for 13 years now.

I have found that the main concerns are:

  • A personal visit may be required. My travel costs can be covered in this scenario. Fee of $2000 for United States and Canada, $4000 for the rest of the world.
  • The need to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the secrecy of the order until presentation.
  • Perhaps the benefactor needs to remain anonymous for either a short period or forever.
  • I may need to make a presentation to a group or liaise with a number of people involved with the project.
  • The finished Jewel may need to delivered personally instead of by courier.
  • There may be a short timeline which will mean that I have to prioritize your order ahead of all others.
  • My standard price list does not apply to these orders and to reflect the extra time needed my minimum fee is $10k + any travel costs.
  • You may prefer to have me supply the unset Cameo Portrait directly to your personal Jeweler. I have worked this way before and the end result has been very successful.

Non Disclosure or Confidentiality Agreements

Famous people with a high public profile may well need an enhanced degree of legal confidentiality. I am often asked to sign non-disclosure agreements for these situations. Most of these are drafted for company takeovers or collaborations and are not very suitable for a Cameo order.

Please contact us for our sample NDA. This has been drafted to suit the requirements of a Portrait Cameo order and allows photographs of the finished piece to be displayed on my website after delivery to the recipient.

I do have another NDA, available on request, for a situation where complete secrecy even after the presentation is necessary. However, there is a fee for this solution.

  • Premium Jewelry Package
  • $10k
  • Custom Jewelry design project
  • Accents of Diamonds, Precious Gems, Pearls
  • Gold 18kt or Platinum
  • Necklace chain with custom-made clasp
  • A video of the making of your jewel
  • Fly to your city in North America +$2000
  • Personal visit to anywhere in the world +$4000
  • Priority over regular orders
  • +
  • +
  • +
  • Luxury Jewelry Package
  • $20k
  • Custom Jewelry design projects
  • Large amount of Diamonds, Precious Gems, Pearls
  • Suite of Jewelry
  • Up to 3 matching Jewels
  • Gold 18kt or Platinum
  • Handmade necklace chain with custom-made clasp
  • A video of the making of your jewel
  • Personal visit to anywhere in the World
  • In-person design interview
  • Delivery in person
  • +
  • Ultimate Jewelry Package
  • $50k
  • Complex Jewelry Design project
  • Portraits of your Whole Family
  • Suite of Jewels
  • Matching Ring, Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, etc
  • Generous content of Diamonds, Precious Gems, Pearls
  • Gold 18kt or Platinum
  • Handmade necklace chain with custom-made clasp
  • A video of the making of your jewel
  • Personal visit to anywhere in the world
  • A design interview at your home
  • Delivery in person

Hand-made Necklaces

A necklace clasp is a perfect place to add a personal touch. This will be experienced, every time she fastens her necklace. Designed in the shape of her favorite icon. Seahorse, dragonfly, musical notes, Chinese pictogram, zodiac symbol, Christian cross, star of David or Islamic Crescent, etc.Necklaces of Pearl, Lapis or hand-made Gold chains.

The experience that you give to your customers is truly remarkable. The impact of your portrait jewels is so powerful. How do you put a price on such a unique gift...Rick Gray, Canada.

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