Custom Jewelry For Men - Cameo Portraits, Crest Rings, Cufflinks


The cameo arrived this morning. Oh My is absolutely incredible!!!! You captured her image in such detail.

I cannot thank enough for this unbelievable piece of art. This means the world to me.

Again that you for all your hard work and incredible talent. Gratefully...Marq Wheeler

Custom Cameo for a Man with a Portrait of his Wife

Bolo Tie Cameo Necklet

This is one of my favorite stories. Designing cameo jewelry for men to wear is a rare and interesting challenge.

I was contacted by Marq to make a cameo with the image of his wife. His wife had sadly passed a few years ago. He wore a necklace that contained a compartment filled with some of his wife's ashes.

Marq needed a cameo necklace that was strong enough to wear every day. They had two Harley Davidson motorbikes and rode them on month-long tours of the United States. The necklace had to be strong enough to stay on in all conditions.

The Bolo tie was designed for cowboys to wear all day long in the saddle. I made a sliding mechanism that was pinned to the back of the cameo pendant. The necklace cord was solid leather with the ends capped by Bolo tips.

Marq's wife loved dragonflies. I engraved an inscription, kept secret by request, accented by engraved dragonflies.

Wheeler-Portrait Cameo-Bolo-Tie-Photo

Lapis Lazuli Cameo Ring for a Man

Lapis Lazuli signet rings are a premium choice. The highest gem quality Lapis has doubled in price in the last 10 years.


Lapis Lazuli Cameo Ring


Cameo Portrait Photo


Lapis Lazuli Inlay

How I design Jewelry for Men

When designing for a man I have found that strong colors work very well.  I would suggest white on wedgewood – blue, white on brown and white on black.

A non traditional shape like a rectangular panel, a rectangle with rounded corners or a trapezoid can look very good on a man. For an organic look the cameo pendant can be worn with a single brown or black leather cord, a braided leather cord, black or brown rubber.

An exciting modern option is to select a chain made from Titanium, stainless steel or Black Tungsten. Or more traditionally Silver, white or yellow Gold or Platinum.

Three Green Agate Cameo Rings

Three rings were made to match the original antique ring.  This was made into a pendant to be a surprise gift for his wife. The ring with Atlas was for the father, the Athena ring and the Poseidon ring were for the two sons.


Desktop Cameos

Your portrait cameo is set inside a frame. This can be displayed on a desktop, in a showcase or shown as a picture on a wall.


White-Brown Agate Cameo

A jewelry business owner asked me to make this special jewel for him. A Portrait of his daughter carved into a white on brown Agate gemstone.
The cameo portrait is set in an Antique 18kt gold necklace
The Cameo Jewel is presented inside a picture frame and set on his Desktop

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