Information Guides & Portfolio Links

Gemstone Color Options

Guide to all of the options that you have for your cameo jewel. Layered Agates, Single colors and transparent gemstones.

Lapis Lazuli Guide

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful stone for jewelry. Gem quality Lapis has an intense ultramarine blue that is captivating.

Personalize Your Jewel

Gold accents with a personal charm. Hand engraved drawings, inscriptions, and personal messages.

Portrait Photo Guide

Send me your best photos. The ones that really show the personality and character of your 'loved one'

Bespoke Jewelry Design

To design the perfect jewel for you I first discover your needs in our design interview. Design sketches are shared and feedback welcomed.

V.I.P Service

Private service for famous people who require secrecy. NDA's may be needed, personal visits can be arranged.

Art Nouveau

Rene Lalique. The finest Art Nouveau Jeweler and Glass maker.

Buyers Guide to Cameos

Info on modern and Antique Cameos in gemstone, shell and other materials.

Opal Cameo Jewelry

Info guide on precious opal jewelry

Shell or Hardstone Cameos

A guide that compares cameos carved into gemstone versus cameos carved into shell.

Cameos for Men to Wear

Cameo Rings, Bolo Ties, Cufflinks, Tie Pins, Desktop Cameos

Guide to Commesso Cameos

Magnificent jewels that are masterpieces of the gemstone artist and jewelers art.

Record Auction Cameos

A selection of some of the finest Antique Cameos from history.

Cameos at the Met

Review of the Cameo Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, New York.

Guide to Sympathy Etiquette

Advice for what to say for different cultures and faiths.

Pet Portrait Jewelry

Imagine a gemstone cameo of your beloved pet. Carry her close to your heart forever

Earrings to match your cameo

Bespoke earrings, designed to be worn with your cameo jewel. Match the style and gemstone color of your cameo.

Cameo gifts for a wedding

Celebrate an Engagement, Wedding or Anniversary with a Unique and Beautiful Jewel

Sympathy Cameo Jewels

The most elegant, rare and personal sympathy gifts. A beautiful custom-made cameo with a gemstone portrait of your loved one.

Mark a happy event

Celebrate the birth of a baby, a birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding, anniversary, Christmas or achievement of a milestone.

My Cameo for Queen Elizabeth

Cameo of Pocahontas. Made by Gareth and presented to her majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Customer Testimonials

I receive incredible Feedback from my customers. There is always surprise and delight with a Portrait Cameo.

Bespoke Jewelry

Gareth's signature style is to make a gemstone carving, the 'hero' of the jewel.

Family Crest Jewelry

Signet Rings, Cufflinks, Pendants, Monograms, Lettering hand carved into Gemstone or Gold

I helped to make these gold eggs.

Cadbury's made 13 Gold Eggs to create a national treasure hunt.
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