Custom Rings with Gemstone Portraits

Repurpose an Antique Ring or Made-to-Order Custom Ring


Amethyst Portrait Cameo Ring

art-deco amethyst ring side

Art-Deco Amethyst Ring

amethyst art-deco ring with carved portrait cameo

Portrait Ring in Amethyst

Create Your Portrait on an Existing Jewel

Examples of Rings and Pendants that can be Carved

art-deco aquamarine ring

Art-Deco Aquamarine

Art-Deco Amethyst


Citrine, Pink Sapphire, Tsavorite

Citrine, Diamond and Moonstone


Rose Quartz, with Peridot

Lavender Jade


'Prasiolite' Green Quartz


Pink Tourmaline


Blue 'Pariaba' Tourmaline


Turquoise, Garnet & Sapphire


Aquamarine, Diamond, Rubies

Art Deco Amethyst Pendant

Art Deco Amethyst Pendant


Carnelian Agate Necklace

Citrine Double Pear Necklace

Citrine Double Pear Necklace

Pink Morganite, Diamond

Pink Morganite, Diamond

Made-to-Order Custom Rings

Opal, Lapis Lazuli, Layer Agate...


Cameo of a Boy

Gold Ring with Blue Layer Agate Portrait Carving.

Tarot Card Character

A Man from a Tarot Card is carved onto a layer Agate.
taort joker ring cameo gold 600

Tarot Card Cameo Ring

A Male Character is carved onto a layered Agate.

Cameo Ring of a Man

Agate and Gold ring for a wife to honor her husband.

Cameo Ring Detail

Detail of the back of the cameo ring.

Greek Hero Rings

Gold rings carved with cameos of Greek mythic heroes.

Lapis Lazuli Cameo Ring

A gold cameo ring in Lapis Lazuli with Inlaid Lapis and a Gold Acanthus leaf.

Lapis Lazuli Custom Ring

Portrait Cameo of a Famous Explorer in Lapis Lazuli.

The Kiss Cameo Ring

White Agate Kiss with Lapis Lazuli Background. Set in Gold.
flower cameo ring 600

Rose Cameo Ring

A Rose carved into white/red Sardonyx, in an Antique Gold Ring.

Dragon Ring in Bloodstone & Gold

Inspired by a 'Magic the Gathering' card.

Magic - The Gathering Card

This Bloodstone Cameo card of power has a Gold chalice set with a Dragon and inspired a unique ring.

Bloodstone Dragon Ring

The Gold ring has an engraved bezel, set with 4 round Bloodstones at the cardinal points.

Personalized Engraving

A Gold plate engraved with J. D. B. adds a personal touch to the underneath of the ring.

Dragon on Bloodstone

The Dragon has so much life.
bloodstone dragon ring side black 600 sq

Detailing under the Stone

The design of the Chalice cup is carved into Gold.

How to Order

Upload your photos or artwork. Share your story and let me know your wishes and gemstone preference.

The Design Process

Gareth will contact you. A phone call or video chat is ideal, email can also work. Designs will be shared for your approval.

Your Jewel is Created

Your unique jewel is created by Gareth using the skills of gemstone carving, goldsmithing, and hand engraving.

Book a Design Consultation for Your Custom Jewel. Upload Your Photos for an Estimate

The experience that you give to your customers is truly remarkable. The impact of your portrait jewels is so powerful.

How do you put a price on such a unique gift...Rick Gray, Canada.

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