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High Jewelry does not compromise on quality. The finest materials and techniques are used to create signature jewels.

Gareth has designed and made bespoke jewelry for individuals for 30 years. His signature style is to make a gemstone carving, the 'hero' of the jewel. The best work is made in 18Kt Gold or Platinum. Designs can often be enhanced with Diamonds and Gemstone accents.


The Lady Mitchell Collection

Bespoke Jewelry for Lady Mitchell. A wonderful person for whom I made many pieces over 21-years.

This is a muliti-purpose, Art Deco inspired, Sapphire & Diamond Suite made from Platinum and 18kt yellow Gold.

Here the 'Bow-Tie' brooch pin is fastened to a forged necklet with flexible ball joints covered with engraved Gold sleeves.  The clip earrings can be worn alongside this necklet.

Next I show the pendant frame in Platinum with yellow Gold accents with the pin and earrings shown by the side. These can be clipped in and worn as the complete pendant shown on the right.

The 'Bow Tie' can also be worn as a Brooch pin with the clip earrings.

Custom Design Process

The design interview is where Gareth acts like a detective. He searches to discover his customers sense of style, learn their story and with cameo portraits, the story of who is in the portrait photos.

This can be done via phone, email or Skype video chats. Design sketches are shared, feedback is considered and final design proposals are submitted.

Gareth likes to visit customers in their homes, if possible. He will sketch design ideas in front of the customer, find out their wishes and discuss their options.

Repurpose Your Existing Jewelry

Consider having a special jewel using your own gemstones. Diamonds and gems from existing jewelry can be re-imagined into new jewelry designs. The Pink diamond and carved pink gemstone necklace and brooch pin are a fine example of this.

Gareth's skills as an award winning goldsmith, gemstone carver and engraver can create very striking 'one of a kind' jewelry.

Bespoke Jewel with a Pink Diamond, White Diamonds and a Pink Gemstone

Unique Jewel with a hand-carved gemstone as the hero. This is set with a very rare 1 ct Pink Diamond, valued at $200,000, and accented with 7 large white Diamonds, valued at $90,000.

The gemstone is carved from pink Morganite, a sister stone to Emerald. This stunning 18kt Gold Jewel can be worn as a pendant or as a brooch. I made this in two halves that are pinned to hold the Morganite.

Opal Cocktail Ring

A Cocktail ring with a large Crystal Opal from Australia. Set in a ring designed to echo the ocean. Yellow and White Gold waves cradle the Opal. The gem is accented with Diamonds. This special ring was made for Lady Mitchell, who also owns the Pink Diamond & Pink Morganite pendant and Brooch pin and the Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond suite.

Lady Diana Gibson-Watt Collection

Lady Diana was my first significant client I first met her in 1985, when I was 25. Her generosity really helped me to establish my reputation as a jewelry designer.

When I first visited Lady Diana Gibson-Watt she showed me her jewelry collection. This was like opening a pirate's treasure chest. The jewels had been collected for over 350 years. There were superb quality Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies, Opals and natural Pearl necklaces.

She selected some that she never wore as she did not like them and asked me to re-imagine them. Taking the gemstones and using them to make new jewelry that she could wear.

I designed many fine jewels for her over a decade, and she became a real friend and supporter. I treasure my time with her. I have recorded a video that tells the story of how I met Lady Diana. I talk about how important she was to be in my work as a jewelry designer.

Art Deco Bow Tie Choker

An Art Deco Diamond and Platinum Brooch Pin from the 1920's.  I designed a Yellow and Red Gold frame to set the pin inside.

The graduated Natural pearl necklace transformed this into a pearl collar with a Diamond bow tie.  Her ladyship loved to wear this jewel.

Emerald & Diamond Ring

Dress ring in Platinum and Yellow Gold. Set with three Colombian Emeralds, two unusual Shield cut Diamonds with 7 sides. In the Lady Diana Gibson-Watt collection.

Lapis Lazuli and Pearls

 Lady Diana asked me to create a jewellery suite from some Lapis lazuli gemstones and natural pearls. I designed a pendant with a pearl enhancer in 18kt yellow gold to fit over the pearl necklace.

The central Lapis is encircled by fully drilled pearls on gold pegs with gold between. The drop earrings match the pendant.

Jewelry Designed in Kelowna, Canada

This design was created for a local Mexican businessman, by repurposing his mother's ring and some other gold jewelry that he had. The gold filigree work is difficult to execute perfectly, great care and patience was required.

Cortez Pearls - Pendant & Earrings

Three large Pearls from the Gulf of Cortez, Mexico.

I folded the gold to cradle the pearls and improve the flow of the design.

A gallery under the top adds depth and strength.


Tribute to the Two Towers in New York

A pair of Silver earrings in Lapis Lazuli. My customer requested a design that told the story of the two towers disaster on 9/11.

An Engagement gift for his Fiancee

High Jewelry, luxury custom locket in 18kt Gold and Diamond with a cameo portrait of the bride and groom

We used Diamonds from the fiancee's grandmother. The gold locket has a push button catch that clicks open when pressed. The cameo is carved onto a white on blue layered Agate gemstone.

Jewelry Design Paintings

Detailed design renderings to show how a design will look when made. Hand painted with watercolor 'Gouache' on Canson 'Mi-Teintes' art paper. The first design is the original  proposal for the multi-purpose Sapphire and Diamond suite for Lady Mitchell.

More Custom Designed Jewelry

Diamond Engagement, Wedding & Anniversary Rings in Platinum, Yellow, Red and White Gold.

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