Family Crest Jewelry

Signet Rings or cufflinks, with your family crest hand carved onto gemstone or gold by a european trained master with 30 years of experience. Replace a broken gemstone, match an existing coat of arms or create a new tradition for your family. Research may reveal your family crest or Scottish clan badge.


Men's Signet Ring in Lapis Lazuli

One of a matched pair of Lapis Lazuli and gold Family Crest signet rings.

Layered Agate Signet Ring for a Woman

A gray-blue layered Agate hand-carved with a Family Crest and Motto.

Lapis Lazuli signet rings are a premium choice. The highest gem quality Lapis has doubled in price in the last 10 years. Lapis lazuli is a softer material and should be protected with a raised bezel.

Upload Your Photos of a Ring, Wax Seal, or Family Crest Design To Gareth for a Quote.


Tie Pin and Boutonniere set

An elegant jewelry style for a man to show his family crest.

The Tie pin has the Eckley Coat of Arms hand-carved onto blue and black layered Agate.

The Oval Crest is set into 18kt Red Gold.

The Boutonnière pin is a one-third of a carat round Diamond, and is set in 18kt Red and White Gold.

Your family crest is carved 'in intaglio' in the traditional style and technique. Reversed 'for sealing' with a wax impression or 'face up' for reading. Gareth is the only carver of family crests on Lapis Lazuli in North America.

The design of other Jewelers signet rings makes the crest stone take any impact directly. Gareth covers the stone with a gold or platinum edge to protect it and will replace a broken stone for free for up to 25 years ! See the review below.

A set of wide band ring sizers is sent directly to you for no charge. Jewelry stores typically measure with narrow band sizes so their size is wrong. I keep a reference set of wide band sizers in my studio to ensure accuracy.

Customer Review

I searched for months trying to find a jeweler who could carve my family crest onto stone for my sons' ring. Everyone else only had the ability to etch into gold or other metals.

Finally, I found Gareth at Portrait Cameos. And what a find. He proved to have all the skills and professionalism that I was looking for. Not to mention the customer service he afforded me. He understood how important the ring was to my family and to me.

The quality of the ring when completed was beyond what I expected. I thought that maybe carving was a lost art form. My son is in the Navy and I did not know his ring size and this being a surprise for him, I guessed at his ring size.

It was a bit large so I took it to a local jeweler here in L.A. to have it downsized. What a mistake. He ended up cracking the stone, and even tried to hand it to us hoping we would not notice the crack. The guy was a complete liar and con man.

I called Gareth and explained what had happened to the ring. I asked if he could remake the ring. He said no problem and he would do it for only the cost of the stone. Gareth not only re-carved a new stone but also made a brand new ring with more gold at his expense.

This was something that he had no responsibility to do at all. It was my fault for choosing to go to this so-called jeweler to have the ring downsized. When I received the new ring, it was perfect!

Let me tell you, This guy really cares about his customers. I plan on having another ring made soon and Portrait Cameos is the go-to jeweler for me. If you need an honest, professional person to handle your jewelry; use Gareth Eckley.

Thank you for your kind words Alex. I supplied you with a new ring at no cost because I was upset that this other jeweler had destroyed your ring with a bad re-sizing.

I am proud of my work and my customers must have the most perfect jewel. I was thinking of what Nordstrom did when they credited a customer who returned an item that they do not sell.

A brand new ring was the only way to get a perfect result. Repairing the existing ring would not be good enough. I donated my time and the extra gold needed to ensure that you had a perfect ring. A satisfied customer is everything to me.

Lapis Lazuli Signet Rings

Family Crest, Shield, and Motto carved into Lapis Lazuli. Set in 14kt Gold.

Amethyst and White Gold Crest Ring

Coat of Arms, hand carved into Amethyst.

Family Crest Ring in Bloodstone

Silver ring for a woman, set with a Bloodstone carved with the Family crest.

Aquamarine Coat of Arms Ring

A coat of arms is cut into an Aquamarine gemstone. Set in 18kt rose Gold.

How to Order

Send Your Inquiry

Share details of your request. Upload your artwork or photos of your family crest or ring and any other info that I may need.

Receive a free set of Ring Sizers

I will send a set of wide-band ring sizes to your address. Measure your finger to get an accurate quote.

Place your Order

When the design proposal and quote is approved send your payment. Your order status is then secure. Expect delivery in 6 - 8 weeks.

Unset Family Crests in Gemstone - No Ring

Order the gemstone only,  carved with your family crest or coat of arms. Replace a broken stone or duplicate an existing one. Take this to a jeweler to renew your signet ring.


Lapis Lazuli Family Crest


Blue-black layered Agate

Coat of Arms and Initials on Bloodstone

Carnelian Scots Clan Badge

Bloodstone Family Crest Jewels

Bloodstone is a popular choice for both men and women.

The finest material has a deep green color with blood-red spots.

A hard, durable gemstone, perfect for signet rings.


The quality of engraving of my family crest far exceeds the details of my original ring that was carved in the 1950's. Thank you !...Brian Shuckburgh, Hawaii

Sardonyx Coat of Arms

Sardonyx or white on red layered Agate is a popular choice for a family crest carving.

Blue Black Layered Agate

Coat of Arms carved 'in Intaglio' onto blue-black layered Agate. The most popular choice for family crest rings. Other color options such as white-green and white-brown layered Agate are also available.

Faceted Gemstone Family Crests

Your family crest can be carved onto many gemstones. This example is in Aquamarine and is set into an 18kt Rose Gold ring.  Amethyst, Citrine, Rock Crystal, Peridot, Blue Topaz are also available.

Platinum & Gold Signet Rings

Your crest can be carved 'in intaglio' onto Platinum or Gold. I can supply the ring or you can send your existing ring to get it carved. The design can be reversed for sealing, supplied with a wax impression or engraved 'face-up' for reading.

Scottish Clan Badge

The Scottish Clan crest or badge shows a Crest and a Motto. Surnames from Scotland depict the family Clan. For example, Campbell, Fraser, McLeod all have their own Clan Badge.

Custom Designed Family Crests and Coats of Arms

You can create your own coat of arms. Jamie at Flourish Family Crests has an exceptional talent for this artwork. I can recommend her with full confidence. Send us your new coat of arms design. We can make a signet ring, cufflinks or pendant with the design carved into gemstone or gold.

Coat of Arms in Silver and Grey

Jamie was an absolute pleasure to work with and exceeded all my expectations. The entire process was effortless and I love how she kept me involved and updated. Her creativity and amazing talent is something truly special...Michelle.

Crest Ring with an Adjustable, Opening Ring

An adjustable ring designed for people with hard to fit fingers. Arthritis can cause swollen knuckles. The hinged shank opens up to clear the knuckles and then closes to securely hold the ring in place. The coat of arms is carved into Green Agate.


Green Agate Crest Ring with Opening Shank


The Adjustable Ring Shank

Three Family Crest Rings for a Family

A father in Australia asked me to make signet rings for his daughter and two sons. Each 18kt Gold ring has a custom designed detail. The blue agate ring has tulips, the red agate has cornflowers and the green agate ring has a grape and vine detail.

3 crest rings for a family

Blue Agate Crest Ring

The rings arrived safely today. They are perfect. My family loves them. Thank you so very much...P. Van Hattem, Australia.


Blue Agate Crest Ring


Red Agate Family Crest Ring


Green Agate Signet Ring

Crest Cufflinks, Tie Pins, Pendants

Family Crests can be displayed on cufflinks to match an existing ring. Women can wear a pendant with an engraved crest. Tie Pins and tie slides can also be personalized with a coat of arms. Crests can be carved face up for reading or reversed for sealing.


Cufflinks in Carnelain


Cufflinks in White-Red Sardonyx


Clan Badge on White and Yellow Gold Pendant

Letters, Initials and Monograms

Letters can be engraved into the stone. Single initials and monograms with two or more letters can be carved face up for reading or reversed for sealing.


Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks in 18kt Gold

Hand engraved with the Initials, K.B.E, in Italic font.


Men's Signet Ring in Sardonyx


Old English Style 'W' on Blue-black Agate


Hand Engraved Initials on Silver



Continue or start a family tradition. Give family crest Signet Rings to your children and grandchildren. Family Crest Cufflinks, Pendants carved with the Family Crest.


Duplicate an existing stone for a new ring or replace a broken stone in an existing ring. Crests are hand carved with traditional techniques.


Lapis Lazuli, Blue-Black Layered Agates, White-Red Sardonyx, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Jade, Black Onyx, Green Quartz, Amethyst, Aquamarine and others.


New rings with Platinum capsules that enclose the crest stone. The stone is guaranteed against breakage. The stone can be removed for ring re-sizing.

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