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When I worked with my American benefactor on the secret project in 2007 to create the Pocahontas Cameo for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I realized that these orders have special requirements.

With that order I signed an NDA before details of the project were revealed. I then visited Virginia to meet with the benefactor, the Jamestown Settlement Museum and had discussions with State officials and the Senator.

I have continued to keep the identity of the benefactor and certain other involved individuals secret.

I have found that the main concerns are:

  • A personal visit may be required. My travel costs can be covered in this scenario. Fee of $2000 for United States and Canada, $3000 for the rest of the world.
  • The need to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the secrecy of the order until presentation
  • Perhaps the benefactor needs to remain anonymous for either a short period or for ever.
  • I may need to make a presentation to a group or liaise with a number of people involved with the project.
  • The finished Jewel may need to delivered personally instead of by courier.
  • There may be a short timeline which may well mean that I have to prioritize your order ahead of all others.
  • My standard price list does not apply to these orders and to reflect the extra time needed my minimum fee is $7000 + any travel costs.
  • You may prefer to have me supply the unset Cameo Portrait directly to your personal Jeweler. I have worked this way before and the end result has been very successful.

NDA or Confidentiality Agreements

Famous people with a high public profile, may well need an enhanced degree of legal confidentiality. I am often asked to sign non disclosure agreements for these situations. Most of these are drafted for company takeovers or collaborations and are not very suitable for a Cameo order.

Please contact us for our sample NDA. This has been drafted to suit the requirements of a Portrait Cameo order and allows photographs of the finished piece to be displayed on my website after delivery to the recipient.

I do have another NDA, available on request, for a situation where complete secrecy even after the presentation is neccesary. However, There is a fee for this solution.

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