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Please add and my phone number 250 575-3390 to your contacts. This will whitelist our email and allow Gareth Eckley to contact you. It is frustrating to send emails that go to spam and are never read. Many people do not answer a phone number that they do not know.

If you have already paid a deposit, design fee or full payment for your order. Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. Log into your PayPal account to view transaction details.

I will contact you via email within 24 hours. Please respond to that email. I will then be able to send you designs and photos. Most spam filters will trigger if I try to send images before you have emailed me directly and you will not see my emails. I have found that a short phone call is the best way to explore your inquiry.

To speak directly to Gareth call: 1 250 575-3390. I am on the West Coast, in the PST Time Zone, 3 hours behind New York

Every Portrait cameo jewel and family crest ring or stone are hand made by Gareth for you. Standard delivery is from 6 -8 weeks. Rush orders may be possible. Size, design, complexity of the portrait and cost of the materials, influence the price. I will provide a detailed price quote with my design proposal.

Order Guides

I have some guides that I would like you to see. These will ensure that you are aware of all that I can offer before we talk.

Gemstone Color Options

Guide to all of the options that you have for your cameo jewel. Layered Agates, Single colors and transparent gemstones.

Personalize Your Jewel

Gold accents with a personal charm. Hand engraved drawings, inscriptions, and personal messages.

Portrait Photo Guide

Send me your best photos. The ones that really show the personality and character of your 'loved one'

Bespoke Jewelry Design

To design the perfect jewel for you I first discover your needs in our design interview. Design sketches are shared and feedback welcomed.

Private & Confidential

Private service for famous people who require secrecy. NDA's may be needed, personal visits can be arranged.

Useful Information & Resources

Shell or Hardstone Cameos

A guide that compares cameos carved into gemstone versus cameos carved into shell.

Buyers Guide to Cameos

Info on modern and Antique Cameos in gemstone, shell and other materials.

Guide to Commesso Cameos

Magnificent jewels that are masterpieces of the gemstone artist and jewelers art.

Antique Cameos at Auction

A selection of some of the finest Antique Cameos from history.

Bio for Gareth Eckley

More about Gareth Eckley. The jeweler, gemstone portrait artist, and designer.

Thank You, Gareth David Eckley