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Gemstone Cameo Pendant in 14kt Gold-Customize with Your Portrait Photo

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Example of a gemstone cameo that can be carved with a portrait of your loved one. Send your photos to create your own special gift. This necklace has a hand-carved hardstone cameo portrait by Gareth David Eckley. The portrait is of a beloved grandmother. This was a gift from her son to mark her 80th birthday.

The stone is a white on red layered Agate, also known as sardonyx. Hardstone cameos such as this are the finest of all cameos, considered superior to a shell cameo. The setting is in 14kt yellow gold and has an open back to reveal the color of the gemstone.

You can order a smaller or larger size stone, and in a variety of colors. There is a gemstone color guide on my website. Order your own custom cameo with your loved one's portrait. The most personal and meaningful of all gifts. Delivery in approx 6-8 weeks.

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