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Crest Ring-Sardonyx Coat of Arms set in 18kt Gold with Diamonds

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Coat of Arms in sardonyx, white on red layered Agate. This ring is a large 22x18mm Oval, size 13.5 ring, set in a 18kt Gold with a Diamond set in each shoulder. Gareth Eckley covers the stone with a gold or platinum edge to protect it and will replace a broken stone for free for 10 years !

Customize this ring by sending your Family Crest or Coat of arms. Tell me if you want your crest reversed 'for sealing' with a wax impression or 'face up' for reading.

A set of wide band ring sizers is sent directly to you for no charge. Jewelry stores typically measure with narrow band sizes so their size is wrong. I keep a reference set of wide band sizers in my studio to ensure accuracy. Delivery in 6-8 weeks.

Ring Size: 5 to 13.5
Stone Size: Small-16x14mm, Medium-18x16mm, Large-20x15m, Extra large-22x18mm

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