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Bloodstone Crest Ring in Silver for a Woman

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Bloodstone set in a Silver ring. Hand carved with your Family Crest or Coat of arms. Your family crest is carved 'in intaglio' in the traditional style and technique. Gareth covers the stone with a Silver edge to protect it and will replace a broken stone for free for up to 25 years !

Customize this ring by sending your Family Crest or Coat of arms. Tell me if you want your crest reversed 'for sealing' with a wax impression or 'face up' for reading.

The design of other Jewelers signet rings, raises the stone above the gold. This makes the crest stone take any impact directly, leading to breakage. Gareth has replaced broken family crest stones, made by other jewelers who do not design their rings correctly.

A set of wide band ring sizers is sent directly to you for no charge. Jewelry stores typically measure with narrow band sizes so their size is wrong. I keep a reference set of wide band sizers in my studio to ensure accuracy. Delivery in 6-8 weeks.

Ring Size: 5 to 13.5
Stone Size: Small-16x14mm, Medium-18x16mm, Large-20x16mm

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