Silent Angel – Cameo Portrait of a Daughter with Rett Syndrome

Silent Angel – A Portrait of a Girl with Rett Syndrome

An amazing story. This cameo took 1 year from the order to when it was delivered. This was because the customer became very ill with Cancer. She asked me to wait, while she had her course of Chemo. I wished her luck and waited. Judi contacted me 6 months later. She had the all clear and I could finish her order.


IT IS BEAUTIFUL-thank you for making my day!!!!! My Daughter Will love IT…We all loved it and I’m really happy I was able to see expression on my daughters face when I gave her this precious gift…Judy, San Francisco

The most fascinating challenge was when I was asked to carve a portrait of a ‘Silent Angel’. This is a name given to children born with Rett Syndrome. A very rare, genetic condition that alters the bone structure of the child and affects mostly girls.

I carved the cameo from a white on blue layered Agate gemstone. The setting is in White Gold. A pink Pearl is set above the portrait. On the side of the setting I engraved “To the best Mommy ever, Love and hugs Maggie.” I also hand engraved the Rett Angel on the back of the setting. This is the logo for the Rett Syndrome society.

Symptoms of Rett syndrome occur, such as slowed head growth, abnormal hand movements, hyperventilating, screaming or crying for no apparent reason, problems with movement and coordination, and a loss of social interaction and communication.

Here is some of our design talk. We had an interesting journey in creating this special cameo.


Portrait photo is of my grand-daughter who has Rett Syndrome, a very rare genetic disorder. She is in a wheelchair, is non verbal and has no use of her hands. She is always smiling and loves to giggle. I want to give this to my daughter as a gift from my grand-daughter to her mother.

As part of my research, I have just watched the documentary narrated by Julia Roberts, very moving and very interesting. I like the term “Silent Angel”, this seems appropriate.

I discussed altering her teeth slightly. To make them appear smaller and eliminate the gap between them. Our discussion is below.


I am often asked to alter teeth. I do may carvings of young children whose teeth are very uneven as they may have lost their baby teeth and have some larger adult teeth showing. Maggie has a lovely look in both photos and for best results her smile should be more subtle. I would love your feedback.


I like the first photo too-I’m not going to have you alter the teeth as this is what her teeth will always look like because of her condition. I think Michelle would want it authentic. look forward to hearing from you for placement of order thx.

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    Hello my name is Robin, we just lost my niece. She was a Rett Angel, only 17yrs old. She gained her wings on Dec.3. I would love to know how to order 2 of these and how much. One for her mom, my sister and one for my mom, who helped raise her when my sister couldnt any longer. Thank you!!

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