Silver & Gold Locket with Secret Cameo Portrait




Example of a custom made locket with a secret cameo portrait. Carved with the portrait of a beloved husband. Send your photos to create your own special gift.

Wearing a Cameo Portrait jewel is quite an experience. They are so unusual and striking that my customers’ mention how often a person comments on their Cameo and wants to look at it closely and hear the story of how it was made.

Here the cameo portrait is set inside a locket of Silver with Gold accents. There is a top lid that will close over the cameo to hide the portrait. The swivel locket is a modern style has the top lid swivel to the side to reveal the portrait.

I hand engraved names and a personal message in Spanish on the back and around the sides of the Cameo locket setting.

Order your own custom cameo locket with your loved one’s portrait. The most personal and meaningful of all gifts. Delivery in approx 6 weeks.

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