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A perfect gift to remember your beloved Pet. Hand carved portrait cameo of your dog set in Silver. Personalize your gift with a Gold accent to mark a special memory.

You can select any of the size options shown. The price options include the 14kt gold accent.

The back of the necklace is personalized with a gold accent to remember a cherished moment between the daughter and her pet.

The gold potato is to remember one time when the daughter put 100 stickers onto the coat of her dog. The family joke is that he was roughly the size and weight (and in his last year, activity level) of a good russet potato.

The back of the Silver necklace is engraved with the dog’s name – Appa von Humburger.

This is an example. Send me your portrait photos and I will create a personalized memorial jewel carved with your pet’s image. Delivery is in approx 6 weeks.

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Oh, Gareth—I don’t know where to start. The cameo is just breathtaking. The package arrived safely and the fine wooden box was a pleasant surprise.

I thought I could tell from the photos of your work that you are immensely skilled but I wasn’t prepared for how incredible the cameo is. It’s so detailed, so three-dimensional, and yet so ethereal. I can’t stop running my fingers over it.

It’s truly a precious work of art (my husband’s exact words) and you’ve captured Appa’s spirit perfectly.

Lately, I’ve been more composed about losing my faithful companion, but my heart still aches when I drive home from work and know that I won’t be seeing his face when I open the door.

It brings me comfort and happiness to wear his likeness so close to my heart. Thank you for sharing your talent and skill with us…Athena