Special Order-Custom Designed Bespoke Jewelry

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I can design a completely unique jewel for you. A design consultation via phone is essential. The full custom design takes many hours of patient work. I may spend days sketching various options to satisfy the needs of my customer.

Share your story and book a Design consultation via my Send Inquiry Form

The price of custom-made portrait jewelry is based on the amount of time needed to carve the portrait and the cost of the materials. Smaller stones take less time to carve than larger stones. More gold is needed to make the setting for larger stone sizes.

Cameos carved onto gemstones such as Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Quartz, Opal typically cost more than in layered Agate. The complexity of the portrait is a factor. The classic side view portrait is easier to carve than a face on profile. Double and multiple portraits take longer to carve.

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