Sympathy Custom Lockets with a Private Cameo


The swivel locket is a modern style has the top lid that swivels open to reveal a secret cameo portrait. Available in Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Detail accents in yellow or white gold can add charm.

Some of the examples here are kept closed as these cameo lockets contain portraits of children who ‘passed’ at a young age.

Wearing a Cameo Portrait jewel is quite an experience. They are so unusual and striking that my customers’ mention how often a person comments on their Cameo and wants to look at it closely and hear the story of how it was made. This response is wonderful in most situations, but with a painful loss, the wearer may not want this kind of attention.

Cameo Lockets are the perfect solution to this situation. Here the cameo portrait is inside a setting. There is a top lid that will close over the cameo to hide the portrait. Now the wearer can decide to reveal the cameo portrait when it suits her.

I can hand engrave names or personal messages on the top, back or around the sides of the Cameo locket setting. The cameo can now be worn at any time. I have been told that in many cases the recipient wears the cameo jewel every day.