Gift for Grandma – Cameo Portrait Necklace – Pin in 19Kt White Gold



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A gift from a daughter to her own mother. Her mother had wanted a custom cameo with portraits of her grandchildren for many years. Finally, she found me and asked me to make this special gift.

The two young girls are sisters and grand-daughters. Their portrait is carved into a white on blue layered Agate gemstone. This is set in a dual purpose 19kt white gold cameo necklace and brooch pin.

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My mother was floored! She cried in a way that I have only seen her about jewelry since my father gave her gifts when he was alive. She was so touched and I heard that she has worn it every day since we gave it to her.

She apparently is just taking walks so that she can show it off. She is planning on buying a glass encasement so that when she is not wearing it she can display it. She said it is her most valuable piece and she’s a huge jewelry collector since she began working in her 20s.

Mother has wanted this piece since my girls were born and she told me that she was even investigating who could do a cameo for her, but she said nothing she saw was even remotely close to this. It was everything we hoped for and more. Thank you for letting us have this moment with her!