Christmas Gift for a Wife – Custom Cameo Necklace in Silver




What started as a vague idea after watching Antiques Roadshow on tv on Sunday night, turned out to be one of the best gift ideas I’ve ever had. I found with a Google search, and after that, it was easy.

After a discussion with Gareth about what I had in mind, and a few excellent suggestions from him for things we could do to enhance the piece, I decided to go ahead. I am very glad I did so!

My wife loves her cameo and wears it at every given opportunity. It’s mostly because she loves the piece, but also because of a large number of comments, it attracts. I think cameos are seen these days as an old-fashioned style of jewelry, but as our piece has shown, they can look very modern and up to date. This is something people regularly say to her after, “Gosh, what a gorgeous necklace”.

The other beauty of this piece is that it is now a family heirloom that I’m sure my daughter will enjoy wearing in the future as much as my wife enjoys wearing it now.

Thank you very much, Gareth for creating such a beautiful piece of jewelry that is totally unique and very personal to our family…Richard.

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