Custom Portrait Cameo Necklace in Platinum & Gold



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This was one of my favorite design projects. Blue agate portrait cameo necklace that can be carved with a portrait of your loved one. The setting is in Platinum and has a Yellow Gold butterfly charm.

The gemstone portrait is carved directly from her photograph. We selected a white on blue layered agate for this. I added a gold butterfly on the back of the setting to show her love of insects. Then I hand engraved a personal message from the mother to her daughter on the side of the setting.

I loved creating this very special portrait cameo necklace. The photograph of the daughter was so perfect for a gemstone carving. Making the 18kt yellow gold butterfly was a real pleasure. I did make two wriggly worms out of yellow gold as well. They were to go on the bottom of the back as if they were in the grass below the butterfly. We decided not to use them to make a simpler, cleaner design.

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My daughter is three years old in this picture. A very vibrant, energetic little girl with a love for bugs and anything creepy crawly with a ticklish sense of humor. She would chase people with rubber snakes if she knew they had a fear of them.

The cameo arrived about 10 minutes ago. It’s breathtaking. Thank you so much for your beautiful masterpiece. My friends are in absolute AWE of your work and several have requested more info, I’ve given them your website and do hope that they contact you.
Warm regards, Stacy…USA