Your information is protected

I take your privacy seriously and that is why I will never share any confidential information that you give me, including your e.mail address or phone number with anyone outside of Portrait Cameos for any reason.

Orders for famous people may well need an enhanced degree of confidentiality. I am often asked to sign non disclosure agreements for these situations.

Your Photos

I fully realise that to send me personal photographs to use for the design requires a degree of trust. Your images will only be used to carve the cameo portrait. Printed photos will be returned to you while digital images are kept in a confidential folder on a secure system.

I usually show finished Cameo orders in the gallery section of my website. However, you can ask that your custom Jewel is not shown. You can request that your digital images are deleted from my website at any time.


I also feature feedback on my Testimonials page. This is an important feature as prospective customers may need to read of your positive experiences to gain the confidence to order. I identify a partial name, state ( county ) and country, but not detailed address info.

If you require total privacy you can always ask me not to post any information in the Testimonial area. About half of my Cameo Portraits are not shown on my website.

Your e.mail

This is kept private between yourself and Portrait Cameos. I will need to contact you by e.mail during your order and for after sales care.