Custom Cameo of a Beautiful Two Year Old Girl


The cameo arrived a few moments ago. It really is a stunning piece of work. Again, thank you so much! It’s going to be really hard to not give this to my wife early. Thank God I only have 3 days to wait. If it were more than that, I would never make it.

I would be honored if you wanted to place a picture of this on your web site. I hope that I’ll be able to send more work in your direction as well. Thank you so much again. I look forward to meeting you on Sunday!

I have to say that you have done an outstanding job. The cameo is absolutely beautiful. It really is a stunning piece of art. It was great for us all to meet you in New York on sunday. We hope you were able to see how accurately you sculpted my daughters face into the stone when we visited in Central Park. My wife loves her cameo and our appreciation of your artistry continues to grow. Yours…Mark, New York

young_girl_cameo_pendant_necklacePart of our discussion on getting the perfect likeness. Mark had a concern about her right eye, prompted by a progress photo. This was my response.

The area of the upper cheek around her right eye needs to be carved to angle back more. This is what gives the curious look, as it is the uplifting of the eyes and upper face that shows this. This is actually a hard profile to get right. As there is not an overt smile, there is a tendency for her to look sad. So i have to be aware of this, a slight upturn of the mouth will help to avoid this. Also in this profile the main cheek mass is in the lower half of the face, in adults it is the other way around.

When I work I find that i have periods of great clarity when I can see all that needs to be done and will quickly get the features correct. There are other times, when I need to break and come back to the work refreshed, to be able to get in the “zone”.
This order was completed just before an exhibition of some of the world’s finest Antique Cameos was due to open at the Met. I was living in Wales at the time and felt that I had to see this. I flew to New York and stayed for a week. I arranged to meet up with Mark and we spent an afternoon with Mark his wife and his daughter. I was able to see for myself how well I captured her likeness.

Dear Mark,
Thanks for your kind words. Sorry for the delay in replying. I have been very busy since arriving back. I really enjoyed my trip to New York. I spent two afternoons in the Metropolitan MUseum of Modern Art. I discovered the upper floor full of great art by Van Goch, Degas, Manet, Monet, Picasso etc. The temple of Dendar wing with it’s Egyptian temple is amazing as well.

If you do get the chance to get to Manhattan again before October do check out the Cameo Appearances exhibition. There are some very fine pieces there.I enjoyed meeting you all in Central Park. It was a good experience to see Genevieve in person. I feel happy that I captured her well in the cameo carving. It has been a pleasure working with you on this project. Thanks, Gareth.

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