Pet Portrait Cameos

Imagine a gemstone cameo of your beloved pet. Carry her close to your heart forever

Thank you for the compliments about Echo. She was the life of the house. Both sides of the cameo are just beautiful, the engraving is amazing...C.H.

Gemstone Cameo of a beloved pet dog with a Diamond set in 14kt White Gold

Pet Portrait of a beloved 'Sheltie'. My customer wanted me to make a cameo that showed the coloring of the dog. To do this I had to create a complex inlay. I actually carved a cameo in the brown. I then cut away the central area to inlay the white onyx.

A blue background was desired. The only way to do this was to grind away the natural white layer. I was then left with a 2mm thin cameo. I bonded this onto a blue gemstone. The last detail was to inlay black agate eyes and nose. This project took twice the time of a regular cameo carving and was a great success.

Memorial Cameo with a Portrait of a Pomeranian Dog

Oh, Gareth—I don’t know where to start. The cameo is just breathtaking. The package arrived safely and the fine wooden box was a pleasant surprise.

I thought I could tell from the photos of your work that you are immensely skilled but I wasn’t prepared for how incredible the cameo is. It’s so detailed, so three-dimensional, and yet so ethereal. I can’t stop running my fingers over it.

It’s truly a precious work of art (my husband’s exact words) and you’ve captured Appa’s spirit perfectly. Lately, I’ve been more composed about losing my faithful companion, but my heart still aches when I drive home from work and know that I won’t be seeing his face when I open the door.

It brings me comfort and happiness to wear his likeness so close to my heart. Thank you for sharing your talent and skill with us... Athena

Pet portrait necklace to remember a much loved Pomeranian called 'Appa'. A hand carved layered Agate gemstone cameo set in Silver. The back of the necklace is personalized with a gold potato to remember a cherished moment between the daughter and her pet. One time the daughter put 100 potato stickers onto the coat of her dog. I also hand engraved Appa von Humberger. This was Appa's full name.

Gemstone Pet Portrait of a Loved Dog

My husband and I were overcome with joy when we received the beautiful cameo of our darling Bo. Gareth, you captured Bo’s alert and impish aspect utterly. He really stands out against the tonal blue in the background.

When I wear the cameo, everyone comments on what a stunning piece it is. We greatly appreciate the workmanship and expertise that went into your creation. What a wonderful heirloom we have…

I love the cameo as does my husband. This is a striking and emotional Jewel. Thank you, Gareth. I am so happy to have this heirloom. I really treasure the cameo you have made...Betsy, California.

A cameo necklace with a portrait of a lovely Maltese dog called 'Bo'. I carved the cameo from a three-layer Layered Agate. Her eyes were carved from black Onyx and inlaid into the white Agate. The setting is 14 kt yellow Gold, with a 14kt yellow Gold Omega necklace chain.

Two-sided Portrait Jewel of a Daughter and her Pet Dog

A very special two-sided cameo necklace in 18kt yellow gold set with a Diamond. The front has a cameo portrait of the daughter. This is carved in a white on black layered agate gemstone. The back of the cameo has a gemstone cameo in a brown on white gemstone of her much loved pet dog - Sheba.

More Pet Portrait Jewelry

The first cameo necklace features a portrait of a pet dog carved into white on blue Agate gemstone. This is set in Sterling Silver to make a lovely cameo necklace. A personal message is engraved around the setting.

The second image is an Angelfish carved into Lapis Lazuli to make a pendant for a man. A gift from his partner. Next is a Silver bracelet with a hand engraved picture of a Mountain lion or Cougar.

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