How I Make Your Portrait ‘True to Life’

How I capture the ‘spirit’ in each Portrait


Gemstone Cameo Portrait Jewel

Portrait Photo for Cameo

Portrait Photo for Cameo

My most important aim is to achieve a great likeness. The cameo has to match the portrait photo. However, I actually work on a deeper more advanced level to make a cameo that the recipient will fall in love with.


Photo of Two loved Grand-children


Custom Cameo Portrait Two Grand-children

My goal is to have the mother feel the love that she has for her child when she looks at my cameo portrait. For this I need to know the personality of the subject of my cameo. I ask questions during the design interview to learn the life story and most importantly their character.


Sardonyx Cameo Portrait of a Grandmother


Photo of Lucy on ship from Jamaica to USA

I study the portrait photos very carefully. I do like to have more than one photo as different angels and looks can help me tease out the details of the profile.


Portrait Photo of a Wife


Cameo Necklace with Portrait of a Wife

I also work with plaster models that show the structure of a head. An ‘ecorche’ helps me visualise underlying bones and muscle groups. I also have plaster faces that show age progression. A baby’s proportions are very different to an adult. I have learned how age changes the face.


Cameo Portrait of a Beautiful Daughter


Cameo Portrait Photo

There are also profound differences between male and female faces. Knowledge of anatomy is a vital part of my learning and approach to crafting an accurate portrait sculture. I have to take the time to check details as I carve. This is where the value is in my fee.

Your family deserves the very best for their ‘gift of a lifetime’.

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