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How to Order Your Personal Cameo Portrait Jewel

I custom design my Portrait Jewels for every customer. I find that the portrait photos inspire the design and choice of gemstone. When I talk with the customer I will often discover ways to add a personal accent or detail that will delight the recipient.

  • View examples from my collection. Select the design, choose your gemstone, upload your photos and share the story of your loved one.
  • I will call to confirm your details and discuss how best to add a personal message or charm to your gift. If you want something completely unique select a Special Order.
  • Gareth works closely with his clients to create a limited number of projects each year. This ensures that each custom jewel is perfect. There is typically a wait-list, however, he will try to ensure delivery for your special occasion.

Completely Unique Jewels or Any Other Inquiry

My Get a Free Design Proposal form. Share the story of your loved one. This helps me to feel the character of the person and helps me achieve their likeness. This is the fastest way of sending your photos.  However I sometimes have problems with my reply not getting through, if you have strict email filters.

Schedule a Design Chat

I use my skills as an award winning Jewelry designer to create the very best design for you. Your portrait photos inspire my creativity. I look for your feedback and together we will design the perfect gift

Review Quotation

I will give an estimate after preparing your design. I will try to work within your budget if possible. Settings of Gold are priced higher than Silver and larger cameo stones take more time to carve than smaller sizes. Custom pieces with larger Diamonds, Pearls and Gems can be higher. Payment is usually deposit with order, balance on completion. Delivery is typically within 6-8 weeks. Payment is accepted by Debit or Credit cards, wire transfers and by crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monero and many others

Present your beautiful gift

Your finished jewel is beautifully presented in a satin pouch within a luxury wooden box. This can be wrapped with satin ribbon with a sealing wax stamp for an extra touch of luxury.

Gemstone Cameos compared to Cameos in Shell

Cameos can be carved into Shell or Gemstone. Gemstone cameos are harder, last for thousands of years and are considered superior to shell.

Shell is much softer than stone and is far less durable. The carving process is faster with shell and different tools are used. There are some shell carvers who sell their work for very low prices.

How do you create your Cameo Portraits ?

I remove all of the gemstone that is not ‘the portrait’ to reveal the face and personality of the subject. I work until the portrait springs to life. Then I stop, overworking a carving is a common mistake made by beginners.

I carve every cameo entirely by hand. I use specially made steel points charged with Diamond dust. I make many of my special tools as they are not commercially available. The carving is smoothed and polished with wooden points charged with fine diamond dust.

Price Guide

I will try to work to your budget if at all possible. The larger your budget, the more I can offer you. I can add Diamond and gemstone content along with spectacular designs for those that want the very best and can afford it.

The best cameo portraits, take time to carve. Getting the perfect likeness takes extra care and patience. Larger cameos cost more than smaller sizes. Complex 3 layer cameo portraits,  inlaid stones are priced indivudually.

If you are offered a portrait cameo for only a few hundred dollars, realise that the carver must rush their work, and cut corners to make that cheap price. He will have carved crude details, created a poor finish and not achieved a good likeness.

I was recently asked to replace a portrait cameo in shell, carved in Italy at a very cheap price. The customer was very unhappy with the result, and lost his money. Why take a risk that you can, get away, with the cheapest option. Your ‘loved-one’ deserves the very best.

Do You Deliver Worldwide ?

I get enquiries from all over the world. Most of my work goes to the United States, the Middle East, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

I can probably deliver to your country, wherever you are. I now accept crypto currency such as Bitcoin, LItecoin etc. This can make sending funds easier and cheaper for many countries.

I will provide a quote for delivery and Customs may charge duty and tax when you import your portrait cameo jewel.

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