A Necklace Chain for your Cameo

Selecting a Chain for your Cameo Pendant

necklace Chain Lengths
Care should be taken to select a chain that complements your cameo jewel. The chain should be at least 1/8 ” in thickness to ensure that it is strong enough to suspend the cameo pendant .

I would suggest that the chain should match the color of the Cameo frame. Choose yellow gold chains for gold frames and white gold or Platinum chains for white color cameo settings.

The length of the gold chain decides where on the neck a Cameo pendant is displayed. Chains of 20” to 24” are the standard choice.

The style of gold chain that you buy affects its strength, choose a thicker chain for larger pendants.

Cameo pendants can also be worn with a strand of pearls. A special hinged clasp called a pearl enhancer is needed for this purpose. I can make these on request.

Price Guide

Gold chains are typically sold by weight. This will depend on both the thickness and the length of a chain.

I can supply necklace chains in Silver, Platinum and Gold. Gold chains are in 14kt, 18kt and 22kt.

Please contact me with your color, metal, style and length preference and I will respond with a quote.

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