Capture the Spirit of Your ‘Loved One’ With A Portrait Jewel

Are you looking for a beautiful, one of a kind gift that will really show how much you care? A luxury bespoke jewel, for when it really matters.


Imagine, a precious cameo portrait hand carved in gemstone from your photos.

So beautiful and unique. Truly a ‘one of a kind’ gift, destined to be cherished for generations to come.

Hold your love, close to your heart, with your exquisite portrait jewel.

Give a portrait jewel to celebrate a birth, wedding or birthday. Or honor the life of a loved one that you have lost.  A precious sympathy gift for a mother or daughter.

My Cameo for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Gareth’s Pocahontas Cameo is an exquisite tribute to the 16th Century original that was presented to Pocahontas by King James I and Queen Anne in 1616. His brooch has earned it’s place as an important historical cameo....Diana Jarrett, Author of ‘Cameos Old and New.’


Royalty would give gemstone Portrait Cameos to their favorite subjects as a sign of high status. Many of these Cameos are now in Museums or private collections. My Cameo of Pocahontas has been honored in this way by being added to the Queen’s private collection at Buckingham Place, London.

Gareth has also created custom jewelry for a Crown Prince, an Art Deco Necklace for Lady Diana Gibson-Watt, UK, Sir Anthony Hopkins, his Maple Leaf pendant in Ammolite was an official gift for the wife of the Prime Minister of Canada.

Hand Made and Designed to Delight

The experience that you give to your customers is truly remarkable. The impact of your portrait jewels is so powerful. How do you put a price on such a unique gift…Rick Gray

My goal is to have the recipient fall in love with their special gift, and many wear their portrait jewel every day. I design my portrait jewelry to ensure a strong love and attachment for your ‘gift of a lifetime’. The design elements can include:

  • The life-like cameo portrait of a loved one
  • A personal icon or gold accent, to add extra meaning
  • Hand engraved inscription or a loved psalm or poem
  • Gemstone or Diamond details to enhance the precious nature of your gift
  • A Secret message or surprise.

Gareth had an uncanny ability to read my mind and more importantly, he asked many questions to uncover precisely how to make my wife’s gift have extra meaning for her…Richard

Customer Reviews

newborn baby held in parents hands

Thank you so much for the cameo. My wife loves it! I think it took her a moment to realize what it was, but, once she did, she started to tear up.

She wore it on Christmas Day and said, “I love my cameo; I don’t ever want to take it off.” And she has worn it every day since.

From my end, it was a pleasure working with you and watching this creation come to fruition. You are a truly talented artisan. Thank you again. Happy New Year! Charles.

Read more feedback on my Customer Reviews page.

A Beautiful Gift That Will last Over a Thousand Years

Royalty used to give their favorite subjects gemstone cameos carved with their portrait. The finest of these portrait jewels are found in museums and private collections. Many of these hardstone cameos are two thousand years old and still look new, long after shell cameos, which need careful care as they are so delicate, have crumbled to dust.

Gareth continues this tradition with modern, bespoke, portrait jewelry. Hand carved from your photographs and enhanced with personal details to create a unique ‘life story’ jewel.

How to Order Your Jewel

Order from my Collection
These are examples of portrait cameo jewelry. Your Jewel will be carved with your portrait image. Select your favorite design and gemstone choice. Upload your photos and share your phone number with the best time to call to schedule a design consultation.

Gareth will edit your portrait photos, discover how best to add a personal memento and message to delight the recipient and prepare your final design.

Pay the deposit, refundable in full if you do not go ahead with your order. Changes that impact on price will be reflected in the final payment. You will have direct access to Gareth via phone, text, and email.

Special Order Process
The process here is different. A design consultation via phone is essential. The full custom design takes many hours of patient work. I may spend days sketching various options to satisfy the needs of my customer.

I charge a design fee of $500 to cover my time. This is not refundable but will be credited from the final quotation.

Your cameo portrait can also be set in a custom made locket, cameo ring, earrings or cuff-links. To order work that is not shown in my Shop collection go to the specialty page. For Family Crests, or Necklaces, and use my Inquiry Form

The Elements of Price
The price of custom-made portrait jewelry is based on the amount of time needed to carve the portrait and the cost of the materials. Smaller stones take less time to carve than larger stones. More gold is needed to make the setting for larger stone sizes.

Cameos carved onto gemstones such as Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Quartz, Opal typically cost more than in layered Agate. The complexity of the portrait is a factor. The classic side view portrait is easier to carve than a face on profile. Double and multiple portraits take longer to carve.

For when it really matters.


One of my most memorable commissions was when I was asked by a husband to make a cameo for his wife. I keep their anonymity.

Gareth, This is my daughter, she was born 15 weeks too soon and lived for only 15 mins. It would mean so much to me if you could find a way for us to remember her.

The photos, taken at the hospital, were so moving. We selected one that showed her most at peace.

I designed a locket that opened to reveal a secret portrait of their daughter. Hand engraved with her name and a private message from her father. The feedback was:

Gareth, my wife loves her cameo locket and wears it every day, she feels that our daughter is still with her. Thank you for helping us cherish our daughter’s memory.

Two years later the husband called me as they had just given birth to a healthy baby. I was so happy to hear this news. I feel blessed to create Art that has such a powerful impact.

I have many stories like this from my remarkable customers. Some of these portrait jewels are celebrating a happy event. Others mark a loss with a remembrance portrait to honor a life. Read some of my most impactful cameo stories here.

A Life Story Jewel to Honor and Cherish your ‘Loved One’

Brown Layered Agate Cameo

I am so moved when a parent asks me to make a cameo with a portrait of their child, lost due to a tragic event. This is such an honor.

I feel that my work, to create beauty and a healing gift for the mother, is so important. This is my way to make a positive impact in the world.

When I was given your cameo, I immediately recognized my mother and burst into tears…What a beautiful Cameo ! It took me around 30 minutes to be able to talk again and I could only manage to say that she was beautiful and now she will be with me forever. Thank you for carving not only a beautiful portrait but also the feeling behind the picture. I will be forever grateful…- by Paloma

When only the most personal and precious sympathy gift will do.

Pet Portrait Jewelry


I love the cameo as does my husband. This is a striking and emotional Jewel. Thank you Gareth. I am so happy to have this heirloom. I really treasure the cameo you have made…Betsy, California.

A cameo necklace with a portrait of a lovely Maltese dog called ‘Bo’. I carved the cameo from a three layer Layered Agate. Her eyes were carved from black Onyx and inlaid into the white Agate.

A cameo with a portrait of your pet is a wonderful way to cherish your much loved family pet. I delight in adding a special touch, say a gold accent or detail such as a gold bone, a pawprint or an inscription. See more on my Pet Portrait Jewelry page.

 How I make Your Portrait Cameo ‘True to Life’


I have studied Portraiture and anatomy for years and I use this to inform my portrait carving. I carefully study your portrait photos to achieve the likeness.

I do like to have more than one photo as they can help me tease out the details of the profile. I can work from a painting, drawing or a very old photo. Read more on my portrait page

Add Personal Touches to delight your family.

18kt Gold Butterfly pinned onto platinum Necklaceappa-cameo-back-pendant-half

I love to add a meaningful surprise on the cameo setting to delight the recipient. I ask questions during the design chat to find an important passion, hobby or perhaps a significant event in the life of the ‘loved-one’ or family. See more personalized jewelry examples.

Diamond, Gemstone and Pearl Accents

Cameo Necklace with Pearls and White Gold Carved Leaf Detailportrait-Cameo-Sara-third

Gemstone and Pearl accents can really enhance your portrait jewel.

Pearls can be White, Pink or Black and perfectly match the special quality of cameo portraits.

I can also add Diamond accents or Gemstones. Birthstones that match the birth month of the wearer or the subject of the cameo work so well.

Lockets with a ‘Secret Cameo’

Silver and Gold Locket with Cameo of a Manlocket-with-cameo-of-young-girl-and-pink-pearl-open_half

Wearing a Cameo Portrait jewel is quite an experience. They are so unusual and striking that my customers’ mention how often a person comments on their Cameo and wants to look at it closely and hear the story of how it was made. This response is wonderful in most situations, but with a painful loss the wearer may not want this kind of attention.

Cameo Lockets are the perfect solution to this situation. Here the cameo portrait is set inside a setting of Silver or Gold. There is a top lid that will close over the cameo to hide the portrait. Now the wearer can decide to reveal the cameo portrait when it suits her.

Gareth my wife has worn her cameo every day, she feels that our daughter is still with her. We will treasure our story jewel always…A.C

See more examples on my Cameo Lockets page.

Gemstone Cameos for Men, Unset Cameo Portraits, Religious Jewelry


More choices for your portrait cameo. Cameos for men include signet rings, desktop cameos and portrait jewels. I can also provide an unset cameo stone or I can carve a cameo onto your gemstone.

Custom Made Cameo Rings

We presented it to our mum and she cried and cried. My mum loved the ring and the kids were so happy seeing their mum on their Nanas finger. thank you so much…Michelle, New Zealand


A beautiful Portrait Cameo Ring. The cameo is carved in a white on blue layered Agate. The Gold Ring was a gift to a mother, carved with the image of one of her daughters. Presented in a handmade Ebony and Maple wood ring box.

Signet ring for a man to wear with a Cameo portrait of a Man carved into Lapis Lazuli. The sides of the ring are inlaid with Lapis and is protected and accented by an Acanthus leaf carved in gold.

Cameo ring stones can be the same layered Agate gems that I use for pendants and brooches or beautiful cameos can be carved into faceted gemstones such as Aquamarine, Amethyst, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli and even Precious Opal.

Find out more on my Cameo Rings and Cameo Earrings page.

About the Artist


Gareth David Eckley

Gareth David Eckley has been creating custom jewelry for the last 30 years. He studied Jewellery in the United Kingdom in 1980. Gareth has worked as a jewelry designer, gemstone carver, hand engraver, family crest carver, goldsmith.

Gareth carved his first portrait cameo in 1997. He is now in his 21st year of carving Cameo Portraits.

Gareth David Eckley has been carving cameos with such precision and grace that they have attracted the attention of several discerning collectors including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II…Diana Jarrett, Author – ‘Cameos Old and New 4th Edition’

Gareth has created custom jewels for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Prime Minister of Canada, a Crown Prince from the United Arab Emirates, a United States Senator, Lady Diana Gibson-Watt, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Lady Janice Mitchell and other clients throughout the World.

I work with my hands and my heart, to create a portrait that will show the person at a spiritual and emotional level. I aim to make the mother fall in love with my portrait cameo of her child.

When I hear that the family has been moved to tears by their special gift, I know that I have achieved my goal…Gareth

Family Crest Signet Rings

The quality of engraving of my family crest far exceeds the details of my original ring that was carved in the 1950’s. Thank you !…Brian Shuckburgh, Hawaii

Coat of arms on blue agate

Coat of arms on blue agate


Family Crest on a Platinum Ring


Bloodstone Family Crest Ring

Family Crest Jewelry is a superb way to celebrate your family. Create a tradition where you present your brother, children or grandchildren with their own ring to mark their 18th birthday. Visit my Family Crest Jewelry for more info.