How to Select the best Portrait Photos

If you were asked to show a friend just two or three photos that capture the “essence” of your loved one which would you choose ? These are the images that I need for your cameo jewel.

I want to capture in your portrait carving the feeling of pride and recognition that you experience when you see those pictures.

Send more than one photo if at all possible, from a number of angles. The more good images I have, the greater the accuracy of the finished Cameo.

Select the Photos that best show the Spirit and character of your loved-one

Tell me what kind of camera was used to take the photographs. A camera with a 100mm lens will show the face quite accurately, compact cameras often use 28 – 35 mm lenses which distort the image. I can correct for this distortion if I know the settings. Multiple photos are best sent using my Request a Quote

High resolution and Large file sizes are very welcome. These will be used by the cameo artist to design your personal cameo portrait jewel. The photos are printed to 10 by 8 size to study when carving.

Printed photographs can be scanned and uploaded to my secure server or posted to me, Antique photos can be taken out of their frames for this. I will return the original photograph with the finished cameo.

Hire a Professional Photographer for Superb Photos

Consider using a good professional studio in your area. They are experts in how to get the best images of people.

Please ask your photographer to contact Gareth at Portrait Cameos. I can advise on what format of photo will work best for your cameo portrait.