Pearls can be white, pink or black and perfectly match the special quality of cameos. Diamond accents or gemstones can help to create a luxury jewel. Birthstones that match the birth month of the wearer or the subject of the cameo work very well.

What will surprise and delight your partner ?

Think about what custom design will be unique to your family and will have meaning for your partner. Imagine a violin, musical note or harp for a musician, an easel and paint brush for an Artist, Dolphins for a swimmer or a pair of flowers for a gardener. Contact Gareth Eckley for a design consultation.

Add Personal Touches to delight your family

Gold accents or Hand engraved designs and messages can add meaning to your jewel.

I love to add a surprise on the cameo setting to delight the recipient. Is there is an important passion, hobby, a significant event in the life of the 'loved-one' or family that can be added to the Jewel.

Tree Of Life Engraving

Hand engraving of the 'Tree of Life' on the White Gold locket to honor the faith of the family. Yellow Gold accents enhance the Jewel.

Child's Drawing of her Parents

The setting is personalized by hand engraving the child's drawing of herself, holding her mother's hand in the park. This was a delightful surprise for the mother.

Personalized Platinum Locket

Hand engraved design for the letter L, with a cat, bird and leaf detail. Inside the locket is an engraving of the 'Lamb of God'.

Spiritual Symbols

Gold Crosses or other religious symbols of a contrasting color to the main jewel. The triangular locket has a white godl cross. The second example combines twinned hearts with a yellow gold cross.

Hand Engraved Details

Hand engraved Monograms, Initials, Messages, Inscriptions, Chinese, Japanese or Arabic lettering and designs.

Gold accents or Charms

Applied Gold or Platinum accents of a contrasting color to the jewel. The last example show a secret Diamond on the back to symbolize the child in the portrait cameo.

Engraved Monograms and Poems

Hand engrave your wife's favorite poem or a personal inscription that will delight your partner.

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