My guarantee and a lifetime of support

If you feel that the Cameo is not a good likeness in the first 7 days of receipt then you may return the cameo for re-carving. If you are not happy with the second portrait you may return the cameo for a 50% refund. Please contact me first before sending as I will pay your shipping costs.

I cannot accept a cancellation before I have delivered the finished cameo. Photographs do not adequately show the full detail of a carving and a portrait cameo really must be viewed ‘in person’ to fully judge the quality and likeness.  If I am asked to change the expression of a person, say from open mouth to closed lips or from sad to happy then I must be given additional photos that show the person with this look. These photos will give me the chance to accurately portray the altered expression. I can offer this guarantee as I stand by the quality of my work.

Portrait Cameos are unique pieces of art. I do make every effort to ensure that a portrait cameo is a great likeness of the subject. Please check the Photographs of the finished cameo carefully before sending final payment. If I am asked to carve two or more cameos of the same photograph, I cannot guarantee that they will be identical. I do not create these portraits with a machine. They are all hand carved, so duplicate portraits will be very similar but not exact copies of each other.

If your order is delivered damaged, it is your responsibility to contact the shipper. Important: save all packing materials. Failure to do so can cause the shipper to deny your claim.

After the initial 7 day period the following guarantee applies.

A Cameo should not break with normal usage. However, the gemstone itself is not guaranteed against loss or damage. I suggest insuring the piece for its full replacement value. I would be happy to replace a missing or broken cameo stone. This would, however, be charged as a new order.

In the event of a failure of the metal setting, that has not been caused by damage from an external force I will carry out any repairs free of charge. If any metal parts have been damaged due to being hit or dropped then I would have to charge for any repair.

Please contact me in advance of sending the piece to me. I will verify the cause of the failure and if satisfied the piece will delivered free of charge.