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Cameo portraits can be carved onto a wide variety of Gemstones

The choice of gemstone for your portrait cameo has a big influence on how your finished portrait jewel will look.  There are some good examples here. Some gemstones give a soft, ethereal look to a portrait, other colors give strong and bold options. I find that your portrait photos and our design chat often helps to select the best gemstone for your order.

Layered Agate Gemstones


White on Blue Cameo Gemstone

White on wedge-wood blue Agate Cameo

Wedge-wood blue Agate Cameo


White on Green Cameo


White on Pink Cameo


White on Red Cameo no Halo


White on Red Cameo with Halo


White on Black Cameo Stone


White on Grey Natural Layered Agate

White on Brown Layered Agate Cameo

White on Brown Agate

Most cameos are carved onto layered Agates with two layers. Skilled work can create amzing depth and character by using advanced shading techniques.

Complex Three Layer Cameo Gemstones Some with Inlay


3 Layer Cameo of a Dog with Inlaid Stones

3 layer Agate black-white-black

3 layer Agate Pet Portrait Cameo


Brown on White Cameo Carving of Pet


Cameo Portrait of an Imam


3 Layered Agate Portrait of Grace Kelly


3 Layer Inlaid Cameo of a Baby

Three layer cameos are also available, these are usually black-white-black. Skilled carving can create shades of brown and grey to add realism. Complex Inlay can also be used to create striking effects. These are sometimes known as Commesso Cameos.

Solid Color Gemstones of One Color


Grey Agate Cameo Gemstone


Black Onyx Cameo Stone


Carnelian Cameo Portrait Stone


Red Jasper Antique Cameo


Lapis Lazuli Cameo Portrait

Blood-stone Antique Cameo

Blood-stone Antique Cameo

Solid color stones create a different effect. The color of the stone becomes a major part of the look. Some gemstones are not easily found in large sizes.

Translucent Gemstones


Antique Moonstone Cameo Brooch


Rock Crystal Antique Cameo Stone


Amethyst Antique Cameo Brooch

Cameos carved in these gemstones can look very beautiful. Cameo ring stones can be carved in a variety of gemstones. Larger sizes for necklaces can become expensive.

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