Gareth David Eckley

I love the moment when the portrait comes to life before my eyes. I find it exciting to see the personality of the subject captured in the gemstone. I feel that I invest a part of myself in every portrait that I create…I really enjoy the collaborative process involved in portraiture. I work closely with my clients to ensure that together we create an exceptional gemstone cameo portrait…Gareth

Award Winning Jewelry Designer and Gemstone Carver

Gareth David Eckley has won many accolades for my custom Jewelry design and gemstone carving. These include major national awards from prestigious national organizations. His award-winning work has been exhibited at Goldsmiths Hall, the British Design Centre, De Beers, The Victoria & Albert Museum and Olympia in London and at the Basle fair in Switzerland.

An International reputation for Excellence

Each portrait is hand carved from your photos by Gareth. Widely regarded as the finest portrait cameo artist in North America. Gareth also designs and makes the exquisite settings for every custom jewel.

Gareth has created custom jewels for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Prime Minister of Canada, a Crown Prince from the United Arab Emirates, a United States Senator, Lady Diana Gibson-Watt, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Lady Janice Mitchell and other clients throughout the World.

A life devoted to creating beautiful jewelry

For the last 30 years I have been gemstone carving, hand engraving, carving family crests in gold and stone, gold-smithing and creating custom jewelry designs. I carved my first portrait cameo in 1997. I am celebrating my 21st year of creating Cameo Portraits in 2017.

Gareth’s Story

Gemstones have fascinated Gareth from an early age. He grew up on a Welsh farm in the United Kingdom. When he was 12, he was given a stone polishing machine. Gareth spent many hours cutting and polishing gemstones. he experimented with simple carvings and loved the process of creating a sculpture from a stone.

Gareth enrolled at Medway College of Art and Design. Considered to have the best jewelry course in the UK. Here he studied the skills of jewelry design, gold-smithing, hand-engraving, silversmithing, and gemology. He started his first business as a jewelry designer, when he was 24. He designed jewelry for customers throughout Britain.

Gareth sought a new challenge and his new wife had friends in Canada. They visited Vancouver and fell in love with the city and managed to move there in 1991. He found that his carving and hand engraving skills were rare in Canada. He was in high demand to do custom work for the top jewelers in Vancouver and Canada.


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