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Examples of some of my favorite custom jewelry from the last 30 years. Custom designed to have a gemstone as the hero of the piece. Shown with the blessing of their owners.

Custom Jewelry Design

Working with you has been a pleasure. Your beautiful work and careful attention to detail is exceptional. We will be honoured to present your creations to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. Thank you for your hard work and artistry…Bozena A selection of my custom jewelry from my 30 years as a jewelry designer and goldsmith. I …

Designed by Gareth for You

I use my skills as a Jewelry designer to create your custom jewel. Your portrait photos inspire my creativity. I will suggest the best color choices and gemstone options from your photos and from learning the style and personality of the wearer. Gareth personally designs every jewel. Your portrait is hand carved with Diamond carving …

Canadian Maple Leaf necklace for Grandma

Gareth created this special Jewel as a gift from his family to his children’s grandmother, Marilyn Dyer-Seidel. Carving the Ammolite was very difficult, the shell is formed in layers which like to fall apart with the pressure of the carving tool. The fossil had to be stabilized with resin to allow it to be carved. …

Art Deco Diamond and Pearl Necklace Collar

I designed and made this special jewel for Lady Diana Gibson-Watt The Art Deco Diamond and Pearl clip earrings were a present from Lord Gibson-Watt to his wife when they were first married. Lady Diana asked me to design a collar ‘choker’ style necklace that would incorporate her natural pearl necklace and provide a second …

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