The quality of engraving of my family crest far exceeds the details of my original ring that was carved in the 1950’s. Thank you !…Brian Shuckburgh, Hawaii

Family Crests carved onto Gemstone or Gold

Crests are carved in the Traditional Style for Sealing. I trained at Medway College of Design, England, the finest jewellery college in the UK. I learned hand engraving from George Lukes, who was considered the finest hand engraver in Britain at the time. Aspreys, Garrads, Cartier and other Bond street Jewellers were his clients. We would often engrave large 18kt gold caskets and ceremonial swords for Royalty and Crown Princes from the Middle East.

I won national awards for my Hand engraving, My 1983 engraving of two squirrels won 1st Prize and a special sponsored award at the prestigious Goldsmiths Craft’s Council Award. Considered the top prize in Britain. I had won 2nd prize the year before.

Gold, Silver and Platinum Signet Rings Hand Engraved with Your Family Crest

family-crests-signet-rings-gold-platinum-wideFamily Crest Jewelry is a superb way to celebrate your family. Create a tradition where you present your children and even grandchildren with their Family Crest Ring to mark their 18th birthday.

Later you can present a pair of Family Crest Cufflinks to mark an important achievement such as Graduation or a milestone such as marriage.

Women can wear their Family Crest as either a Signet Ring, a Bracelet or a Necklace. A faceted gemstone like Aquamarine, Amethyst or Citrine is a perfect choice for a pendant.

The most popular choices for family crest signet rings are blue-black or white-red layered Agate, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli and Black Onyx.

I can also cast the ring in your style and choice of Yellow or White 14kt or 18kt Gold, Silver and Platinum. I will need the finger size for this option. You will have the advantage of receiving the complete ring, ready to wear.

Gemstones for your Family Crest Intaglio seal


Blue-Black Agate


Bloodstone Family Crest


Carnelian Scottish Clan Badge


White-Red Sardonyx


Aquamarine Signet Ring


Lapis Lazuli Crest Seal


Green Quartz Crest Ring


Amethyst Seal


Peridot Coat of Arms


Modern Style Signet Ring with a Family Crest on Gemstone

aquamarine-crests-signet-rings-goldA very distinctive look can be achieved by carving your Family Crest onto a faceted gemstone such as Aquamarine, Amethyst, Citrine, Sapphire and other gems.

Scottish Clan Badge

The Scottish Clan crest or badge shows a Crest and a Motto. Surnames from Scotland depict the family Clan. For example, Campbell, Fraser, McLeod all have their own Clan Badge. I can research the Clan badge for your customer. They can wear this as a ring, cuff-link, bracelet, pin or necklace. Shown is the Ramsay Clan Badge, carved in reverse for sealing in a Red Carnelain. The description is ‘A unicorn’s head couped Argent armed Or.’

Your family crest, coat of arms or Scottish clan badge can be researched for you. For this I need the surname, town or area the family was from and the country. Some family names have only one crest and others have multiple options. I principally use Fairburns Crests of the Families of Britain and Ireland and the Scottish Clan and family encyclopedia for research.

If you have an existing family crest or coat of arms, you can take a photo of the stone, ring or artwork and upload it with my Request a Quote button.

Hand Engraving on Gold and Silver


Silver Sealing Stamp with Ebony Handle and the Wax Impression

My Service for Jewelry Retailers and Goldsmiths

Services for the Trade: Jewelry Retailers, Goldsmiths and Insurance Companies in Canada and the United States. I offer a fast, reliable service.

Multiple Orders for Many Years – One order can lead to many repeat orders over the years. A father may order a ring for each child and even for his grandchildren. I have made 16 Signet Rings and 4 Crest Cuff-links for one customer over a 25 year period. This is valuable repeat business.

Customer has a Lost or broken Stone – I offer replacement stones, carved in reverse for sealing, or face up for reading. A sealing wax impression is supplied. I can duplicate the style, size and material of the original crest stone. I can work from a wax impression, drawing of the crest, a photograph of the original family crest, wax or ring.

New Stone Set Signet Ring to match Customers – I can supply the stone for when you want to make the ring in house. Shapes can be Oval, Octagon, Cushion, Cartouche, Square, Round or any custom shape.

Engrave a Crest onto your Gold Signet Ring – The family crest is carved deeply in the same style as a stone ring, carved in reverse for sealing, or face up for reading. A sealing wax impression is supplied

Monograms, Initials, Fine Lettering, Inscriptions – Hand engraved with precision and style.

Your family deserves the very best for their ‘gift of a lifetime’.

Ready to get a portrait jewel for your ‘loved-one’ ? Upload your photos and share your story.