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Five more reviews from my most special Customers

★★★★★A Gift from The Bride to Her Grandma on Her Wedding Day

I have such wonderful customers. Here, the bride wanted a special gift for her Grandmother. I love that she was thinking of the happiness of another person on her own wedding day.

Hi Gareth! I just got home and opened the package and it is so beautiful. I can’t wait to give the cameo jewel to her. Thank you, Kate

Customer's Request:

I am 24 years old and getting married in August of this year. My grandmother, who is my namesake, is one of the strongest influences in my life, and I would like to make a cameo of my grandfather for her.

My grandma came from Italy when she was just 16, after having lost both her parents and living in a convent for most of her childhood. My grandma was adopted by an aunt and uncle, and was essentially used as a worker for their farm.

My grandfather was the first person who treated my grandma with the love and respect she deserved, and I would like to give her something of him that she can keep forever, on the day when I marry my loving and respecting man…Kate

A gift for the grandmother of the Bride. Presented at her wedding. The grandmother was delighted with her special gift, which was pinned onto the corsage.

I created this cameo from a wedding photo that dated from 1940. The cameo is carved into a white on red layered Agate Gemstone. I left a thin white layer to create a subtle pink background.

Their names Carmine and Anna are hand engraved on the sides. The setting is Silver and is made dual purpose so it can be worn as a pendant and as a brooch pin.

★★★★★ Cameo Necklace & Brooch Pin with Portrait of a Child

The cameo arrived today. My wife was overjoyed. Thank you for creating the best gift that she could ever imagine. I had involved my 3-year-old daughter in the process along the way: showing her your website, proposal, and stream of e-mailed photographs.

My daughter was excited to see the finished piece but managed to keep the surprise. Even better, she was delighted to see her mothers response when she opened the gift. Thanks again for creating such a lovely work of art. - by J. S. Chicago

With this cameo, I was able to really create a very special family heirloom. I was asked to create a Portrait Cameo jewel as an Anniversary gift. My customer was very involved with the project. The result was one of my most favorite cameos.

The portrait was carved into a white on blue layered agate. We set the cameo inside a dual purpose pendant & Brooch frame made of 18kt White Gold.

The Process of Creating this Special Gift

personalized-Cameo-Book-Entry-3-2The father sent me 10 photos of his daughter. The portrait photo we selected as has a relaxed smile, her eyes are looking up which gives a positive feel and there is a great balance between the hair, face, and clothing. The three-quarter view works very well in an oval-shaped cameo carving.

I love to add a surprise to my Jewelry to make the gift extra special. With this cameo, I suggested engraving an image on the back of the setting. The father asked his daughter to draw a picture. I hand engraved her drawing onto the white gold cameo back.

The side of the frame was hand engraved with a personal message from the daughter to her mother. This read "You are in my heart and I am in your heart too. I love you mother."

The Story of this Cameo is in the Book Cameos Old and New

One of the cameos that carver Gareth David Eckley is most proud of is the result of a commission he received from a Chicago couple. Using a photograph as a guide, he hand-carved a likeness in blue agate gemstone of their young daughter.

Highly personalized cameos like this one accurately and lovingly, capture a moment in time of a beloved family member...Diana Jarrett, Author of ' Cameos Old and New - 4th Edition,' 2008. Pages: 353

★★★★★Portrait Cameo Necklace of a Beautiful Daughter, set in Platinum

The cameo arrived about 10 minutes ago. It's breathtaking. Thank you so much for your beautiful masterpiece. My friends are in absolute AWE of your work and several have requested more info, I’ve given them your website and do hope that they contact you.
Warm regards, Stacy.T...USA

This was one of my favorite design projects. My customer wanted an elegant and very classy piece. Her cameo was to be set in platinum. To create a story of Caroline's life I wanted to have three elements. The most important is the gemstone portrait carved directly from her photograph. We selected a white on blue layered agate for this.

I added a gold butterfly on the back of the setting to show her love of insects. Then a hand engraved personal message from the mother to her daughter on the side of the setting.

Caroline is three years old in this picture. A very vibrant, energetic little girl with a love for bugs and anything creepy crawly with a ticklish sense of humor. She would chase people with rubber snakes if she knew they had a fear of them...Stacy

★★★★★ Cameo Locket to Remember a Premature Baby

With a painful loss the wearer may well want to keep her portrait private. One day I received a series of photos of a premature baby who lived for only 15 minutes. The photos were heartbreaking and I cried when I saw them. The husband wanted the memory of his daughter to be preserved as a gemstone portrait.

This was one of my most difficult orders. I felt a large responsibility to really make the portrait breathe with the spirit of the girl.

I realized that the portrait should not be displayed as a pendant or brooch. I wanted the mother to wear the cameo often, so I designed a cameo locket as the perfect solution to this dilemma. I have been told that the mother does wear the cameo jewel every day.

I received wonderful news from the husband a few years later as his wife had given birth to a healthy baby.

★★★★★ Grandmothers Jewel of Her Grandchildren

I just wanted to let you know that I picked up the cameo yesterday. It happened to be delivered while we were away.What can I say - words can't describe how much I love it. It is so much more detailed then the pictures show.

I have to say I agree with your wife - to me it is the best you have ever done in my eyes !! I am so thrilled I found your web site and took the chance to have you carve the most precious things in my life - my grandchildren. I will certainly show this to everyone I know and highly recommend you to everyone.

I will be proudly wearing this on mothers day for everyone to see. I am so excited that my cameo is on it's way. I am not good with words but the piece is so overwhelming. It really came out great and I can't wait to see it in person (as you probably have already noted by the number of emails I have sent to you).

I absolutely love it. The detail is incredible right down to the flowers on Evie's dress! Their two little noses are identical - just as they are in real life ! I am so glad that I found you - this will truly be my most absolute cherished piece in my collection. I thank you again and again...Linda M. Rhode Island

This is one of my favorite portrait cameos. I fell in love with the portrait photo the moment that I first saw it. Evie was 3 years old and Jude was 9 months old. I chose to polish the carving. I will often leave faces with a satin finish as this gives a soft, silky look. With this portrait, polishing just worked. There was a lot of detail on the clothing, and it took a long time to carve this. The Setting was engraved with 'Evie & Jude Grandma Loves You'. I created a Photo Book that documented the making of this cameo necklace. This is a special service and is available on request.

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