Reviews for Custom made Family Crest Jewelry

Custom made signet rings, hand carved with a family crest onto gemstone or gold.


The signet ring in Lapis Lazuli carved with the family crest for the son of Alexander Reuss.

★★★★★ A father's gift for his son. A gold signet ring in Lapis Lazuli carved with the family crest.

Review from The Customer Alexander Reuss

I searched for months trying to find a jeweler who could carve my family crest onto Lapis Lazuli gemstone for my son's ring.

Everyone only had the ability to etch into gold or other metals. Finally, I found Gareth at Portrait Cameos. And what a find. He proved to have all the skills and professionalism that I was looking for. Not to mention the customer service he afforded me. He understood how important the ring was to my family and to me.

The quality of the ring when completed was beyond what I expected. I thought that maybe carving was a lost art form.

My son is in the Navy and I did not know his ring size and this being a surprise for him, I guessed at his ring size. It was a bit large so I took it to a local jeweler here in L.A. to have it downsized. What a mistake. He ended up cracking the stone. And even tried to hand it to us hoping we would not notice the crack. The guy was a complete liar and con man.

I called Gareth and explained what had happened to the ring. I asked if he could remake the ring. He said no problem and he would do it for only the cost of the stone. Gareth not only re-carved a new stone but also made the ring with more gold. This was something that he had no responsibility to do at all. It was my fault for choosing to go to this so-called jeweler to have the ring downsized.

When I received the new ring, it was perfect! Let me tell you, This guy really cares about his customers. I plan on having another ring made soon and Portrait Cameos is the go too jeweler for me. If you need an honest, professional person to handle your jewelry; use Gareth...Alexander Reuss, United States.

Response from Gareth Eckley

Thank you for your kind words Alex. I supplied you with a new ring at no cost because I was upset that this other jeweler had destroyed your ring with a bad resizing.

I am proud of my work and my customers must have the most perfect jewel. I was thinking of what Nordstrom did when they credited a customer who returned an item that they do not sell.

In response to this, I now send a set of wide band ring sizers to new customers. It really helps to ensure that I have an accurate finger size for the ring. I will resize a ring free of charge for my csutomers. A satisfied customer means everything to me...Gareth Eckley.