Bespoke earrings, designed to be worn with your cameo jewel. Match the style and gemstone color of your cameo.

Your earrings can be drop or stud, post or clips and can be enhanced with Pearl, Diamond or Gemstone accents. The settings can be in Yellow Gold, White Gold, Silver or Platinum.


Pearls are perfect with Cameo Jewelry. The lustre and color of Pearls matches the subtle, ethereal, quality of cameo portraits in layered Agate. Pearls can be white, pink or black and can be worn as studs or drops.


Blue Agate cameo earrings. Carved with a scroll detail to match the scroll engraving on the setting of their blue Agate portrait cameo brooch pin. This detailing was inspired by scroll engraving on her wedding ring.


Designed to match a cameo pendant that showed the brother and sister when they were children. These portraits show them as adults. Hand carved from white on pink-red Agate and set in Silver.

High Jewelry Suite of Diamond and Sapphire in Platinum & Gold

The earrings clip onto the pendant frame. They can be worn separately or with the bow tie pin and flexible necklet.

This suite of exquisite Sapphires and square Diamonds shows what is possible with a high budget. This $50,000 suite was made from Platinum with 18kt yellow Gold accents.

Designs for Earrings

Custom jewelry designs for earrings to match a Cameo. They can also be worn with other jewels

Your earrings can be custom designed and will be uniquely yours. Imagine a violin, musical note or harp for a musician, an easel and paint brush for an Artist, Dolphins for a swimmer or a pair of flowers for a gardener. Contact Gareth Eckley for a design consultation.

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