Pet Portrait Custom Jewelry

Gemstone Pet Portrait of a Loved Dog


I love the cameo as does my husband. This is a striking and emotional Jewel. Thank you Gareth. I am so happy to have this heirloom. I really treasure the cameo you have made…Betsy, California.

A cameo necklace with a portrait of a lovely Maltese dog called ‘Bo’. I carved the cameo from a three layer Layered Agate. Her eyes were carved from black Onyx and inlaid into the white Agate. The setting is 14 kt yellow Gold, with a 14kt yellow Gold Omega necklace chain.

Gemstone Cameo of a beloved pet dog set in White Gold


Thank you for the compliments about Echo. She was the life of the house. Both sides of the cameo are just beautiful, the engraving is amazing…C.H.

Pet Portrait of a beloved ‘Sheltie’. My customer wanted me to make a cameo that showed the coloring of the dog. To do this I had to create a complex inlay. I actually carved a cameo in the brown. I then cut away the central area to inlay the white onyx.

A blue background was desired. The only way to do this was to grind away the natural white layer. I was then left with a 2mm thin cameo. I bonded this onto a blue gemstone. The last detail was to inlay black agate eyes and nose. This project took twice the time of a regular cameo carving and was a great success.

Two-sided Portrait Jewel of a Daughter and her Pet Dog

pet-portrait-cameo-dogA very special two sided cameo necklace in 18kt yellow gold set with a Diamond. The front has a cameo portrait of the daughter. This is carved in a white on black layered agate gemstone. The back of the cameo has a gemstone cameo in a brown on white gemstone of her much loved pet dog – Sheba.

Custom Cameo Necklace of a Pet Dog


This cameo necklace features a portrait of a pet dog carved into white on blue Agate gemstone. This is set in Sterling Silver to make a lovely cameo necklace. A personal message is engraved around the setting.

Your family deserves the very best for their ‘gift of a lifetime’.

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