Canadian Maple Leaf necklace for Grandma

Gareth created this special Jewel as a gift from his family to his children’s grandmother, Marilyn Dyer-Seidel. Carving the Ammolite was very difficult, the shell is formed in layers which like to fall apart with the pressure of the carving tool. The fossil had to be stabilized with resin to allow it to be carved. A silver bezel was carefully fitted to the carved maple leaf outline.

Gareth set the carved Maple leaf in Silver  and accented it with a Pink Pearl. The back of the necklace was hand engraved with a personal message to grandma and the signatures of her grandchildren and family. Marilyn was delighted with her gift and wears it whenever she can.

Gareth selected the iconic Maple leaf design for Marilyn’s gift. He designed the leaf to appear naturally as if it had just fallen off a tree. Ammolite was the perfect choice as the colours reflect an Autumn leaf. Ammolite is a special form of the Ammonite fossil where iridescent layers create a great play of color.  The best Ammolite is found in Southern Alberta, Canada.

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