A Portrait of my Mother in Gemstone, Gold and Amethyst


Custom Portrait Jewel with Cameo, Amethyst, Celtic Knot-work

I created this special Jewel in 1997, 20 years ago ! This was a gift from my father to his wife, my mother. We chose my mothers wedding photo for the carving.

I hand carved her image into a white on red sard-onyx gemstone. Her portrait is accented with three Trilliant shaped Amethysts. The setting is in 18kt yellow gold. I created a pierced and carved Celtic Love Knot design. This was to honour my families Welsh heritage.

My mother loved her Jewel, although her first reaction was to say that the cameo did not look like her ! I was quite upset, as my priority is always to create an accurate portrait. I think that my mother was used to looking at her face as it is now and the more youthful portrait surprised her.

It is strange for me to look at this cameo now. My skill and technique has advanced so much over the last 20 years. I removed too much material which gives too much shadow on the portrait. If I was to carve this today the result would be very different.

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