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Portraits carved into gemstone to make cameo pendants, cameo brooches and portrait cameo lockets.

Award Winning Cameo Art

First Prize in the British Goldsmiths Craft Council Awards. 2007. Portrait of Grace Kelly in a three layer Agate Gemstone. British Goldsmiths Craft Council Awards. 2006 – Highly Commended Award for The black onyx Kalahari Bushwoman & Baby cameo. British Goldsmiths Craft Council Awards. 2006 – Highly Commended Award for this carving of a newborn …

Identical Cameos

Matched Identical Portrait Cameos Sometimes I am asked to create two cameos from the same photograph. This creates a real dilemma. It is actually impossible for anyone to carve two identical portraits. I am a Portrait artist and each cameo is an individual work of art. I create my portraits by carving with my hands. …

Portrait of a Mother and Newborn Baby

An award winning gemstone portrait in white on black layered agate of a loving mother and her newborn baby. This portrait was taken from photographs of the mother and her newborn baby that were taken in the hospital moments after birth. A close friend of the mother forwarded the photos to me and I selected …

Gareth Carving the Cameo of Grace Kelly

Gareth is using diamond tools to carve the Award winning gemstone portrait of Grace Kelly. The portrait was carved into a layered agate with three layers – black/white/black. This photo shows my carving set-up from 2007, when I mainly used a flexible micro-motor. I now mainly use the more traditional gem carving lathe that is …

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