Blue Agate cameo with Portrait of a Daughter

I have just seen the photos you have sent of the cameo – it is absolutely gorgeous. I am extraordinarily pleased. You have managed to capture one of her ‘looks’ and her hair is fantastically rumpled just as it is normally!

I am sure that Ellie will be fascinated by it as a little girl and love it when it becomes hers. We do love the cameo. We couldn’t wait to show Ellie Marie who immediately recognised herself. It is something quite special and totally unique. Thank you so much.

Indy B, London, UK

Ellie is a very bright and funny 2 year old girl, determined and fearless. Her hair never stays put and ends up in the feathery, tousled curls about a minute after I brush it, if she lets me brush it ! She is half Anglo-Caribbean-Indian and half Irish-Welsh-Spanish-Japanese !

I carved Ellie’s portrait onto a white on blue layered Agate gemstone, set in an 18kt white Gold frame. This had a portrait loop and a brooch pin so it could be worn as a necklace or as a pin.

The inscription was “Ellie Marie Taynsushiri, notre joie, d’esperance et d’amour”

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