Wedding Gift for the Bride – Her Portrait in a Cameo Necklace


I gave the cameo to my wife last month as my wedding gift to her. She absolutely loves it, and so has everyone else who has seen it. The piece is absolutely beautiful, and your talent and hard work are evident when looking at it. Thank you again for such an exquisite, lovely jewel. I hope all is well with you. I will certainly turn to you if I ever need another such jewel in the future. Thank you, C. C, South Carolina.

I was asked to make a Cameo Portrait for a wedding present. The fiancee sent me some great photos of the two of them. We selected a look that shows a side profile.

I had to do quite a bit of design work as in this photo her hair was obscured by her shoulder. I sampled some hair from another photo and worked this into the design to create a realistic look.

The fiancee asked for a white on red cameo stone as his bride loved those colors. The finished Cameo Portrait is set in a frame of Sterling Silver.

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