Custom Designed Fine Jewelry by Gareth

Working with you has been a pleasure. Your beautiful work and careful attention to detail is exceptional. We will be honoured to present your creations to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. Thank you for your hard work and artistry…Bozena

A selection of my custom jewelry from my 30 years as a jewelry designer and goldsmith. I have always designed and made bespoke jewelry for individuals. I prefer to work in 18Kt Gold or Platinum, with Diamonds and Gemstones.

I like to visit customers in their homes. I will sketch design ideas in front of the customer as I talk to them about their wishes. I love to design jewelry for people where a carved gemstone is the hero of the jewel.

I have often made a special jewel using the customers own stones. Diamonds and gems form existing jewelry can be re-imagined into new jewelry designs. My skills as a goldsmith, carver and engraver can create very striking one of a kind’ jewelry.