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Custom Cameo Rings


“We presented it to our mum and she cried and cried. My mum loved the ring and the kids were so happy seeing their mum on their Nanas finger. Thank you so much…Michelle, New Zealand

A beautiful Portrait Cameo Ring. The cameo is carved in a white on blue layered Agate. The Ring was a gift to a mother, carved with the image of one of her daughters.

The carving is set in a 14kt Yellow Gold ring. Presented in a handmade Ebony and Maple wood ring box. I have made a few cameo rings. This is an interesting challenge as the smaller size of the stone makes detailing more difficult. Cameo ring stones can be the same layered Agate gems that I use for pendants and brooches.

The smaller size does allow me to create beautiful cameos carved into faceted gemstones such as Aquamarine, Amethyst, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli and even Precious Opal.


Custom made Cameo Earrings

Custom Earrings with Cameo Scroll Design

Custom Earrings with Cameo Scroll Design

Custom Earrings with Cameo Scroll Design

Custom Cameo Earrings Detail

Gemstone cameo earrings designed to compliment your cameo portrait jewel. A perfect accessory to create a cameo suite. I can carve the design to match the color and an element on your portrait cameo. Your earrings can be drop or stud and can be enhanced with Pearl, Diamond or Gemstone accents. The settings can be in Yellow Gold, White Gold, Silver or Platinum.

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