Bloodstone Jewelry, Gem Carvings, History, Properties, Sources [Buyers Guide 2021]

Bloodstone is a dark green gemstone with red spots or patches. A variety of Jasper, also known as Heliotrope. Bloodstone is used in Jewelry for Family Crest Rings, Gemstone carvings, and hardstone cameos. The stone is believed to have spiritual properties as a healing gemstone. Bloodstone is mostly found in India, high-quality dark green material is scarce and hard to find.


Bloodstone Dragon Ring

The Gold ring has an engraved bezel, set with 4 round Bloodstones at the cardinal points.

Engraved Border

The design from the Gold Chalice on the Magic card is engraved onto the sides of the gold ring.

Personalized Engraving

A Gold plate engraved with J. D. B. adds a personal touch to the underneath of the ring.

Magic - The Gathering Card

This Bloodstone Cameo card of power, by Tony Szczudlo, inspired this unique ring.

Bloodstone Custom Cameos

Bloodstone is one of the solid color gemstone options for a cameo carving. Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Carnelian, Jade, and Black Onyx are other choices. Bloodstone carves well, is believed to have healing powers, and has such a unique look that many love.

Bloodstone Cameo of Medusa

Custom cameo carved with Medusa the Gorgon, complete with her Snakes.

Cameo of Jesus with a Crown of Thorns

Superb detail in this Antique Cameo carved with an image of Jesus Christ with a Crown of Thorns.

Bloodstone Crest Jewelry

Bloodstone is a beautiful stone for a signet ring. Highly prized for centuries for its display of red against the dark green color. Carving Bloodstone is a delicate process and great experience is required to create accurate details.

What is Bloodstone made from?


Bloodstone is cryptocrystalline quartz, also known as Chalcedony or Jasper. Bloodstone has a mixture of different minerals; Chlorite, Amphibole, and Pyroxene make up the Green color. Red Jasper, Hematite and other iron oxide minerals make the blood-red spots. The chemical composition is SiO2, Silicon Dioxide. The hardness is 6.5-7 on the Moh's hardness scale.

Where is Bloodstone Found?

deccan flats india

Bloodstone forms at shallow depths at low temperatures when silica-rich groundwaters precipitate in shallow cavities and fractures inside rocks.

The best Bloodstone has always been found in the Deccan trap-rocks of the Kathia peninsula in India.

This is an area where very large lava flows built up over thirty thousand years to form layers of Basalt 2000m or 6,600 feet thick.

This eruption happened 66 million years ago and the massive release of Sulpher Dioxide helped to create a mass extinction effect through massive climate change.

Bloodstone is also found in Western Australia, China, Brazil, Madagascar, Canada, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Uruguay, and the United States.

Bloodstone as a Healing Stone and Aphrodisiac

bloodstone wand

Many believe that Bloodstone is a healing stone. The stone is associated with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In legend, his blood when it fell onto the earth it changed into a dark green gemstone with blood spots.

Bloodstone is made into wands, bowls, amulets, soothing stones, pendants, rings for healing aids and to strengthen the Root Chakra.

Healing and meditation are believed to be enhanced when an amulet of Bloodstone is used. In India, the best quality Bloodstone is often ground to form a powder that is linked with Aphrodisiac powers.

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